As we progress through the season, I’m sure that things will become more clear in the realm of Mr. Robot. But for now, everyone is as confused as I am, right? At its heart, the story of Mr. Robot is one of a man suffering with multiple personality disorder. Creator Sam Esmail relies on the unreliable narrator to tell this story, and as a result I’m never sure of what (or who) is real, I’m sure that is by design. This episode is no different.

In episode 3 we see that Elliot continues to try to live an ordered life, but is suffering from blackouts and flashbacks. As a result, he turns yet again to drugs, this time Adderall. The drugs work in that Mr. Robot disappears, but so does sleep, as Elliot goes for days without rest. Ray returns and is able to offer some help to Elliot, but is Ray real? Is he really helping? Is he shady? We don’t yet know. Unfortunately with Ray’s help comes the return of Mr. Robot and the delusions.

Elsewhere, as Elliot works to maintain his control, fsociety is spinning out of control and infighing between Mobley, Trenton and Romero threatens the entire operation. Darlene urges her minions to stay calm, but there are hints that a coup is on the horizon.

Finally, we get an introduction to Dom, the FBI agent who appeared briefly in episode 1. She is hot on the tracks of fsociety and is assisted by Romero’s mother.

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