When we left off, Athena was trying to get a woman with agoraphobia to leave her home due to the dam breaking. And the lady’s house was on stilts but before she could convince the lady the mountain gave way and the house collapsed as Athena jumped in to try and save Sylvia. And this is also the same rock slide that has also stranded 3 civilians who were taking pictures by the Hollywood sign. Now there are 3 people trapped in that mess too.

So not only is it a fight to search for survivors but there is the threat of the mountain coming down. May, Athena’s daughter, who is now a 911 dispatcher, has been keeping track of her mom’s patrol car and she can sense something is not right. Back on the scene, the 118 is trying to rescue anyone they can find. They have no idea yet that Athena is in a collapsed house at this time. Chim and Buck run across one body and a baby monitor with a crying baby coming from it, but where is the baby?

All rescues are underway and Athena and Slyvia manage to make contact with the outside using her radio but then the house begins to slide down farther down the mountain interrupting the call. May panics as she hears her mom screaming. And they are the only ones who know. Chim and Buck make a huge discovery while searching for the baby. And then they found 4 other women. They uncovered an illegal adoption ring. Chim begins to reflect on his actions when he hears the story of this young pregnant mother who is in labor. He realizes that his fear is isolating Maddie. And missing out on all the joys of their first child together.

May makes a huge mistake and Maddie has to pull her off the floor. But we have forgotten that Athena is a strong woman and a fighter. Slyvia is trapped and Athena is trying to free her. But something unexpected happens. They both discover trauma and pain within themselves and they understand that what happened to them was not their fault. And how they choose to live their lives after the trauma is what is important. And as Athena and Slyvia free her, Chim delivers a baby girl. And Athena and Slyvia now have to somehow climb out of a sliding house.

Bobby is going to get his woman, do you hear me!!! And Athena is going to make sure her man sees her. And you can see that she is relieved and she thanks Bobby for coming to get her. They then celebrate at home. We begin to see the impact that Athena’s attack and Covid had has on the 118 and their families. A few good things happened, Chim went back home to Maddie, Hen is in Med school, Buck is in therapy and all is semi ok in 911 land. For now.