Season 4 is back with a bang. Or I should say microquakes because California is known for its earthquakes. As a native Californian, I feel some type of way about all the natural disasters this show depicts. Cali really isn’t that bad, the earthquakes, unfortunately, are real, but we do not have multiple crisis situations. However, in the world of 9-1-1, LA is always in some type of turmoil. Granted this is a show about first responders, even down to the 9-1-1 callers.

So, what is the disaster this time, you may ask? On top of real-life trickling over into TV, the crew at one hundred and eighteen and their friends are all feeling the effects of Covid-19. No one more so than Maddie who was pregnant at the end of season 3. Well now, she is good and pregnant and Chim is being overly careful and choosing to quarantine away from her during covid. Maddie and Buck aren’t too thrilled with Chim’s decision, but he is adamant about her and their child’s safety. There is some strain but their separation is not exactly up for discussion.

Season 3 also left off with Athena being severely beaten by the peeping tom drone realtor. Athena has decided that it is time for her to go back to work after six months off. The flashbacks may prove otherwise but she is still forcing herself to be brave, especially in front of her family, and Bobby. Even though Athena is supposed to be on desk duty, the disaster moves her forward a little quicker than anticipated. People have to be evacuated and she is charged with checking to ensure people are getting to safety. Speaking of Athen’s family, May, Athena’s daughter, has decided to put college on hold and go to work. She is working under Maddie’s expert tutelage to become a 9-1-1 operator.

So, there are a few stories going on at the same time surrounding this same disaster. At the dispatcher’s office, Maddie and May save a woman’s life, and Athena works to get a lady who has been shut in her house for 7 years. They begin to talk and share some hard truths with each other. Athena’s fear of returning to work and the lady’s fear of going outside. Just when Athena thought she had gotten through to the lady, she backs out. She simply cannot leave her house, I think that is called agoraphobia. Anywho, the lady hesitates, and then her house collapses as Athena jumps back into the house to try and save the lady. To clarify. the lady’s house is on stilts, and California has mountains and hills. Her house is literally propped up on legs against the side of a mountain or hill. So earthquakes are bad.