Are you an ardent lover of comics who also loves gambling at casinos on Saturday nights? If your response to both the questions is a nod, then comic-based pokie games are something you should definitely try. 

To put it simply, Comics pokie games are themed pokies or poker games that are inspired by popular comics. From X-Men, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, to the much-loved Marvel heroes – the list is endless. 

Needless to say, casinos and players alike have benefited immensely from the themed comics slots, paving the way for a win-win equation. 

If you are looking to try your hand at top comics slots, this post has got you covered. We will walk you through what comic-themed pokies are, the most fantastic Comics pokie games in town, and more. 

What are Comic Themed Pokies? 

To begin with, comic-themed pokies refer to the slot machines at casinos, online and otherwise, that are based heavily on certain comics. The characters, storyline, to even high-quality movie footage – the best comics slot games go all out to channel the spirit of comics they’re based on. 

The Comics pokie games bring multi-pronged benefits to the table, like: 

  • They provide an enhanced and entertaining experience to the players, especially those placing bets on online gambling sites. 
  • Comics have a massive following, and by integrating them, the popularity of pokie games is also bound to sky-rocket. 
  • In such pokies, the players can benefit from the recreated comic book environment, allowing them to experience both – the comic book world and the thrill of playing pokie – making their time spent placing bets all the more worthwhile. 

An increasing number of New Zealand’s online casino sites are jumping on the bandwagon and have begun to offer players multiple comic slot games to choose from. Sky City, Betway, Wazamba, and Lucky Nugget are just a few of them. 

Rest assured, comic-themed pokies are here to stay! 

The Best Pokie Games Based on Comics Out There 

Intrigued much? There are many themed comics slots out there, but many of them have been generating a lot of buzz since they debuted. Be it a mind-blowing overall experience or top-notch aesthetics; these pokies have it all: 

  1. Jack Hammer 

From the house of Marvel, the Jack Hammer comics chronicle the journey of the prodigious student, his famed rivalry with Peter Parker, a.k.a Spiderman, and the implications of his stints as a weapons dealer for Deadpool and as Patient Zero. 

NetEntertainment, a big name in the gaming industry, released Jack Hammer-themed pokie games with a range of fascinating features: 

  • They are designed to support 25 paylines and 15 reels so that players have better chances of drawing winning combinations. 
  • A bonus ‘Sticky Win’ feature brings a lot of excitement to the game. 
  • True-to-the-page graphics, making the game a delight for the Jack Hammer fans. 
  • Plenty of action to keep players engrossed till the end. 
  1. The Incredible Hulk 

It wouldn’t be wrong to equate the Hulk’s story to that of a fairy-tale. Before the Marvel movies became a hit, the comics used to rule the roost (they still do). Tracing the exploits of Dr. Bruce Banner as the Hulk, the still in print series has given fans much to rejoice about. 

Inspired by the same, the developer Playtech united the charm of pokie games with the buzz of the comics by releasing Hulk-themed slots, that became one of the most famous pokies of all time. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Plenty of free spins and expanding wilds.
  • Bonus rounds.
  • 3D graphics that are as incredible as the Hulk himself. 
  • Generous payouts. 
  1. The X-Men 

How can we talk about comics and not mention the X-Men series? The comics have enthralled many with their rendering of the adventures of the ensemble team of superheroes, including The Wolverine, Professor X, and Magneto. 

Borrowing cues, Playtech created the X-Men Comics pokie games where the players are rewarded with a host of unique features: 

  • Bonus rounds that are split into separate Heroes and Villains modes. 
  • Power, Extra Power, Ultimate Power, and Super Power jackpots. 
  • Multiple betting parameters to select from. 
  1. Batman 

What happens when Gotham’s famous caped crusader and his villain-busting exploits meet the thrill and unpredictability of a pokie game? The folks of Amaya Gaming answered the question by launching Batman comics slots that expand the batman video game themed library of the series. The game abounds with features like: 

  • A 50 paylines and five reels format. 
  • Multiple wagers support. 
  • Hand-drawn graphics bring the beloved characters to life. 
  • The Bonus Bet feature. 
  1. The Iron Man Series 

It’s no secret that the playboy, billionaire, and entrepreneur Tony Stark’s heroics as Iron Man have fascinated comic book fans across the world. Riding the same wave, Playtech launched several Iron Man-based pokie games in sync with the sequels. 

All of them promise a unique experience. See for yourself:

  • The Marvel Jackpot system of Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power.
  • Consistent gameplay.
  • Classic animations that are an absolute delight. 
  • Impressive attention to the tiniest details. 

Things to Consider while Picking a Comic Themed Pokie 

Before you start searching the internet to find yourself some Comics Pokie games to play, look at the factors that underline an excellent pokie: 

  • The Aesthetics – this involves everything, right from the graphics, music, to how faithful the slot game is to the original comic. 
  • The Bonus Rounds – don’t opt for comic-themed pokies that don’t provide many bonuses. After all, you are playing for a reason. 
  • The X Factor – Is there something truly outstanding about the game? For example, the Iron Man pokies discussed above have the Marvel Jackpot feature. Always opt for pokies with a USP. 
  • The Payouts – this one is quite obvious. Eyes on the prize, remember? Try to pick pokies that promise generous payouts. 

Summing Up 

And that’s a wrap! Comics pokie games are always a rather exciting affair. In this post, we broke down the A-Z of themed comics slots by telling you what they are and the benefits they bring to the table. We followed it up by listing the five top comics slots and their features. 

To conclude, we gave you a definitive low-down on the traits that set great slot games apart from the rest.