So despite Miller being killed we finally find out who sorta hot kinda creepy Gabriel is; Sam’s son. And get this with his wife, whom he left for Annalise. Gabriel says he wants answers. He wants to find out who killed his dad. But, I am confused, 5 seasons and he just now shows his face. I would have felt better if they would have had him being extra creepy trying to get information on her. A lot has happened since Sam’s untimely demise, including lots of deaths surrounding the team. And people keep dying like Miller. And how messed up is it that they had Bonnie seal the deal. So anyways, I would have rather Wes ended up somehow being Sam’s son, or Gabriel ended up being Annalise’s baby that died. Or supposedly died and then boom, he really didn’t and Sam somehow fixed it so she never found out. But I guess that is a little too far fetched for this show.

More blah blah, whine, whine about Gabriel and his motives. Which once again he nor the show are giving up the goods on where that plot is taking him. Is he going to solve Sam’s murder, dig up all their evidence, and then plot revenge on the team one by one. Plot twist, Annalise is still the only one who has not actually murdered someone. Michaela basically killed Sam, she helped him over that banister along with Rebecca. Asher killed the lawyer lady, Frank kills everybody, Bonnie killed Miller, and Laurel didn’t kill anyone, but she locked up her dad. And her family is more than dysfunctional. So, what would he do with her? Hmmmm…..

Laurel is getting on my nerves this whole season. Like granted I understand the whole protective mom thing, but I am pretty sure there is no common sense there whatsoever. Does Laurel not remember being a kid. I am sure if she took a moment to recall, she won’t be able to remember anything from that age, estupida! And she is in law school, so like is there no common sense. She is raging at Bonnie and I don’t understand the hostility. I am mother too so, no you cannot use that argument. Anyways, Laurel is annoying. Can she either locate her mom or go back to her family and be a part of the business. All she does is complain and get mad at people. For the record I can’t remember anything from 6 months old, just saying.

The team is trying to play cover up and catch up at the same time and honestly as smart as they have had Annalise be, why did she trust Birkhead for one milisecond? Why did she believe her and then they mention that in the episode. So stupid once again. Then they flashback to the point when Annailse has lost her baby and is trying to adopt Wes. Relevance? Who knows? Why is the adoption so taboo? Why is it such a strong piece of information against Annalise? The adoption didn’t go through, Wes was never adopted and that was the end, or is there more to that story. Who knows, and at this point, who cares. It is just extra plot lines with no destination? I had enough of that with season 8 of certain show that must not be name. So I guess I am saying GET TO THE POINT.

But who did Gabriel call? And Sam was about to leave Annalise and go back to Vivian, but she didn’t respond I assume. And so he stayed with Annalise, but what does that prove and what does it change nothing. Was that an episode filler? Only a few more episode’s left…..