Over the last three years Penny Dreadful has taught me many many things about myself. We all have a little bit of a monster within us, don’t ever judge a book by its cover, and most recently, I would not survive if I lived in this universe.

The end of the episode reveal, while not completely shocking, was still surprising in the fact that the show revealed it so soon. Which I am a huge fan of by the way. One of my favorite things is when we, as an audience, know who the big bad hiding in plain sight is, but our characters continue to bumble around completely clueless.

This episode actually revealed a couple things to us. The episode begins with Lily and Dorian infiltrating an underground torture ring. If Lily’s grand plan for world domination mainly consists of killing all the gross men in the world and freeing all the enslaved women then I am all about this storyline.

I’m not sure if it was done purposefully or not, but the lighting in every scene with the first and last scene with Lily was just fantastic. What every the production did just made her glow in this otherworldly way that was just beautiful and I can see how Victor is so enraptured by her.

She was actually very sweet with Frankenstein when she caught him stalking her outside Dorian’s mansion. She made some good points too. She absolutely created him more than he created her. His entire existence changed when he came into his life.  And she also pointed out, she is his first love. He will move on. Dude NEEDS to move on.

I highly doubt that’s going to happen considering what the science boys got up to in Jekylls lap this episode. All the talk between them about the duality hit the nail on the head a little hard but Jekylls experiments are fascinating. It’s a horrible mark on that time in the world that a man of his obvious brilliance can only get a job in Bedlam just because of his mothers heritage.

We got a little bit more backstory on Henry J. when he told the story about how he was just waiting for his disgustingly rich white father to die so he can inherit his title and money. Though he wasn’t actually interested in the money or title, just the fact that he could spite the man who left his mother to die of leprosy in the cultural and quite literal sense.

Malcolm and

Kaetenay were on a steamer boat fast tracking their way to Ethan. I am SO CONFUSED by Ethan’s relationship with this man and his tribe. Fascinated, but utterly confused. Kaetenay made the wonderful comparison to this relationship with Ethan, with Malcolm’s relationship with Vanessa. Both older men hated their younger companions at one point and only wanted them around so they could see them suffer for the damage the had wrought on their families. However over time, both for difference reasons I’m assuming, they came to care for their charges and now view them as their own.

Kaetenay then did some kind of meditation magic and approached Ethan in a dream, letting him know he was coming for him. It seems that Ethan hates the old man very much still however so I guess that is once difference between he and Vanessa’s situations in this matter.

The only other thing that seemed to happen with Ethan was that he met another member of Kaetenay’s tribe while chained up in a tavern. I swear everytime Ethan has a conversation with someone in American I just get more confused about his entire life over there.

Ethan wolfs out and slashes his way through his captors, only to almost get his ass kicked when resident stalker Hecate came to his rescue. I have no idea what she is doing, but I’m assuming it has something to do with a quest for power.

It is always a quest for power.

Whenever this show ends, hopefully years from now, I truly hope Vanessa gets a happy ending, No character on any show has ever deserved it more. This poor woman.

Her first scene is her therapy session, which I have SO many feelings about. While she’s in the waiting room, Renfield has turned up the creep factor by about a thousand. Asking her all sorts of questions for their “medical records”. Luckily I’m going to believe that Vanessa spidey senses went off towards the end of that conversation because she look very weirded out.

I love the fact that turning into a vampire turns you in a crazy jittery mess, kind of like a drug addiction.

When Vanessa finally sits down with the doctor, she see that her sessions are going to be recorded. I really don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s one thing to talk about how Dracula wants to make you his bride of all evil, but its another thing to actually hear your own crazy ramblings on a recorder.

Seward asks Vanessa to tell her about her sins. I don’t thing the doctor knew what an insanely loaded question that actually was. Van spills everything, we hear her start out about how she betrayed Mina and its fades back into, about ten  cylinders later, Vanessa is a sopping mess and she has obviously told her EVERYTHING. Which, I mean therapy doesn’t work if you aren’t honest, but I’m still not sure it was a good idea.

I don’t think Seward believed everything she said, but she does absolutely believe that this is a woman who has been through hell and back and is very, very lost.


Source: Penny Dreadful // Starz

She definitely feels for her, so let’s all start a prayer circle for this woman to survive the season and actually help.

She gives Vanessa another assignment for the day, go do something, anything at all, that she thinks will make her happy. So of course Vanessa immediately goes to see Dr. Sweet at the museum.


Source: Penny Dreadful // Starz

He is currently giving a lecture about some kind of species, but instantly starts talking about wolves and scorpions when he sees Vanessa sit down. Nope, that’s not super suspect at all.

He walk around, and do that social awkward flirty thing. It’s adorable and Vanessa looks so happy. Obviously I want her with Ethan 4ever<3, but she needs some kind of happiness now.

So she says screw current society norms and asks him out on a date. I love Vanessa so much. She just does not care about how women were expected to act in that time and its amazing.

They go see a cute picture show about Captain Nemo and they look good together I will admit and Vanessa looks absolutely smitten, as does Sweet.

While this is going on, we flash over to Renfield, sneaking into his bosses office and listening to Vanessa’s entire session. See? I knew recording that stuff was a bad idea.

After the show, Vanessa channels all of us on a wonderful first date and tries to stretch it out as long as she can. She asks him to coffee, but when he declines the rejection on her face is palpable. He’s so awkward its hard to tell if he was just begging off or truly did have to leave. He makes a promise to see her again however, and assures he he shall never forget her name again.

Yeah, like he ever forgot it to begin with.

And then we get the great reveal. The one half the internet had already guessed but was still satisfying



Hello Dracula! I must say, they cast this whole thing very well.


Article Submitted by Jenn Lueck