"Younger" Ep. 507 (Airs 7/24/18)

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Charles and Liza finally kissed!!!!!!!!!!

that’s it, that’s the recap, thank you for your time.

Alright so apparently I can’t just do that and I have to elaborate, so let’s get into it.


After selling her entire collection to some rich-ass collectors, Mags is living her best life. But then she goes to one of their parties and realizes that they don’t just collect art, they collect artists…rightfully, Maggie is grossed out by this and storms out, after putting the weirdos in their place.

"Younger" Ep. 507 (Airs 7/24/18)

Courtesy of TVLand


Her boyfriend gets her a Christmas tree & makes her whole house dirty with pine needles but she loves it?


She is fully sleeping with both Zane and their author. It is through her sex-coaching that she helps him makes his chapter New York magazine worthy. i.e. Zane leaks the chapter an they offer to excerpt it. They throw a giant party in honour of their new issue at which Zane kisses Kelsey. She’s like aah wtf people can see and he’s like so what let them! BUT THEN the speechwriter SAW the kiss!!! & like a salty bitch he tells Charles that he only wants to work with Kelsey from now on. So Kelse starts with 2 boyfriends and ends up with none…



Because it’s Christmas, Liza is hanging out with her daughter and her ex, and Caitlyn’s roommates parents house. Reminder, Caitlyn’s roommates dad is Bob, Charles’ friend/lawyer. While Liza is yodelling to The Sound of Music (long story, people do weird things for their kids) Charles walks into the party!

Bob & his wife are like THAT’S THE WOMAN WE WANTED TO SET YOU UP WITH!!! & Charles & Liza are like lololololol. But the great thing is they actually start to bond after this, and Charles loosens up again, allowing himself to stop being an ass!

One fateful snowy night, he goes all the way to Brooklyn AND THEY MAKE-OUT HARDCORE! Everything Team Charles has been waiting for is finally here and now we live with the crippling fear of it all falling apart forever!

"Younger" Ep. 507 (Airs 7/24/18)

Courtesy of TVLand

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