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Hello again! I have more cookbooks for you. If you missed my last article on the video game cookbooks, you can find it here. Today’s offerings are magickal. Wizards, witches, and dragons, Oh My! These cookbooks are for the fantasy wizards like me. I love Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and stuff like that. I would love to cook and eat a fantasy-themed dinner. What does a wizard eat? Let’s find out.

Cooking For Wizards, Witches, Warriors, And Dragons is one I really, really want. This cookbook takes inspiration from stories like The Witcher, The Song Of The Lioness, and The Wheel of Time. In the chapter of Breakfast & Second Breakfast, there is Chilled Fruit Salad, Salted Fish Fries, and Ladies-First Continental Breakfast, and more. After each recipe title, they tell you what fandom each recipe is from as well as a description of the plot.

Necronomnomnom is a cookbook inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s. The book has art that both entertains and instructs. You can find a full menu of recipes for a dinner for two or a whole family. There are even recipes so you can make breakfast for the morning after. It has recipes such as Sacrificial Lamb, Deep-Fried Deep One, and Yiggy Pudding. I love the names.

Lovecraft Cocktails is written by the same author as the Necronomnomnom. This has seventy-five drink recipes for your tasting pleasure. The names of the cocktails are wonderfully punny. The Root Beer of Evil, Scaley Naval, Blood, Bath & Beyond are just three of the cocktail recipes you will find.

Fairytale Baking answers the question of what kind of sweet does a princess wants? Or maybe a dwarf? It comes with a tips and tricks section to make sure your baking is perfect. There are recipes such as Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Bourbon Cupcakes, and Mango and Chocolate Squares. Yum!

The Wizard’s Cookbook is a magical cookbook with recipes from worlds like Narnia, Willow, and Harry Potter, you are sure to find a potion or nosh to fill your belly. The cookbook gives a brief explanation for all of the media that was the inspiration for the recipes. The recipes include Souk Cigars, Morsels from the Cave of Wonders, and Cair Paravel Eggs, and more. They all sound delish!

The Wizards Dessert Cookbook has recipes inspired by books, movies, shows, and games. The list even includes objects and other things. They are all named and have brief descriptions. There are recipes like Rainbow Candies, Miracle Max Bites, and Werewolf Popcorn.

Once Upon A Kitchen is my last idea today. This one takes inspiration for more movies, books, and TV. This has Grimm fairy tales, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Star Wars among others. The recipes are broken into sections according to fandoms. There are Magical Nannies, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and Shakespeare’s Sorcery, along with others. Toad In The Hole, French Pumpkin Gratin, and Witches’ Brew can be found in those categories respectively.

Personally, I would take one of each. What about you? Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…