Sarah was passed out two days, when she wakes up she is in some unknown area. A walker made its way inside, Sarah tried to find a weapon to kill it but someone else got to kill it first. She is there with all the people who left with them on the plane. The chopper didn’t make it so they had a crash landing. They have not been able to find Wendell but they only found his hat. Sarah is upset and says she will go find him even though everyone warned her they’ve looked inside the safe zone already.

Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Morgan hears Sarah on the radio waves trying to find Wendell. They catch up on what has been going on with everyone. We learn that one of the warheads were a dud in their nearby area and leaking. Someone parked a vehicle close to Sarah, and inside was Rupheus the dog, inside the cab was a box that said “Morgan Jones” with a Emil’s walker head inside. Turns out Emil had a brother who has been tracking down Morgan Jones for revenge. He says he has been listening to her for days and that Morgan is held up in the Pennsylvania and she will take him to Morgan. He said that he is the only hope for her to find Wendell, and he should take him up on his offer unless he wants Wendell to end up like his brother Emil.

Josiah wants Sarah to tell Morgan to meet them outside of a rest stop tomorrow, he plans to find Wendell today. Rupheus smells the hat of Wendell and gets a scent and takes off. A time later he barks at a man, who has tons of clothes and a bunch of captured walkers. The stranger has tons of clothes on and Josiah makes him strip his clothes, he ended up having a bandana from Wendell. So Sarah and Josiah have him bring them to where he found the scarf. It’s some sort of farm, a bunch of pens full of walkers, in one of them is Wendell’s empty wheel chair. The stranger tries to use walkers to escape, Sarah freaks out and almost leaves Josiah to die. He makes it back to the truck, and while the two are fighting for possession of the wheel they crash into a ravine.

The truck is pinned in by some rocks, and not just that they are near that leaking warhead. Walkers are behind them so they can’t escape from the trunk. He tells a story about how he used to be a Ranger type of search and rescue, and only once in his life did he have to be saved. Rupheus was the one who found them not his brother. He also went on how his brother said he knew he was alive because he felt his heartbeat. Sarah calls out for Morgan for help, Sarah says he won’t kill Morgan, because he isn’t a killer. Morgan doesn’t reply and more walkers are coming to pile up so they figure it’s time to take their chances. They head out the back and start fighting off walkers.

Mo Collins as Sarah – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Morgan arrives to help, he sees Amil’s brother and says I killed you, I cut your head off. Josiah and Morgan fight. Nobody is getting an upper hand in this fight for awhile until Josiah gets Morgan down and says he won’t kill him, his brother will, he will keep a promise and he gets his brothers walker head. Emil’s head gets knocked to the ground and Rupheus goes over to see his old owner Emil and the walker head bites the dog. Sarah destroys Emil’s head, Josiah has instant regret wondering what he did. Josiah is trying to make Rupheus’s time pleasant before he passes.

Morgan tells Sarah that he thinks Wendell might be with Victor. He has a place, he has been collecting people as he has something to prove to him. If Wendell doesn’t have his chair he would need help so maybe it was Victor’s people. Josiah wants to go with them, Sarah asks if it is OK and he says he will need help where they are going so the three head out. Turns out that Wendell is in fact at Victor’s tower, he is thriving and he is good at supply management and logistics. Victor won’t let any of them come in because they were never on team Victor. But if he comes out to see them he can’t go back in. Sarah asks Victor to promise he won’t tell Wendell that she was here, because if so he will come looking for her and she wants what’s best for him.

Josiah takes off to find himself, he doesn’t think he is ready to be apart of what everyone is doing. Morgan says that they are going to get everyone back, and then get ready for whatever happens next. The rest of the group can’t be safe so close to that warhead. These guys that strip all the supplies from walkers have found the open warhead, they have a leader named Arno. The guy who found it thinks that is the key to get them everything they want.