Jamie fights in the pivotal Second Battle of Saratoga; Roger and Brianna search for Jemmy.

We end our mid-season finale with cliffhangers and excitement for what’s to come.

Jamie & Claire:

This episode was one of the highlights of the season for me. Outlander always delivers in its depiction of wars, making them truly epic. Additionally, we were treated to another informative history lesson. To begin with, Claire showed her fierce side as she defended Jamie against a mother and son attempting to steal from him. She meant business and would do anything to protect her husband. We discovered that Jamie is alive but has injured his hand, although I am surprised that his hands are not more damaged considering this is his second injury. Claire becomes frustrated with Jamie’s tendency to have a “hero complex,” and I believe she is absolutely right. Jamie always feels the need to be the hero, regardless of the outcome. However, he does have the advantage of having Claire by his side, guiding him through history.

Back at their tent, Claire informs Jamie that the British were victorious, leaving Jamie worried about William’s fate. This sets the tone for the rest of the episode. While tending to Jamie’s hand, I found him to be a bit melodramatic about the possibility of losing it. It reminded me of when he thought his leg would be amputated and was terrified. Now, he seemed to believe losing his hand was a real possibility. Fortunately, Claire was able to sew him up and soothe him to sleep, allowing him to dream of the rabbits we have seen so often.

On the brink of the second war, Claire and Jamie have a conversation with none other than Benedict Arnold. Although I was familiar with the name and the phrase of being a “Benedict Arnold,” I did not know the full history behind it. It was intriguing to learn that Benedict had worked in an apothecary, which created a seamless connection between him and Claire. I had also not realized that he was a traitor to the United States, which heightened Jamie’s wariness about fighting alongside him. Additionally, it was surprising to discover that Daniel Morgan had been flogged by the British. He revealed his scars to incite hatred towards the British, a tactic Jamie would never employ. Jamie had already been manipulated into persuading the Scots to join the Jacobites.

As they headed into battle, Jamie’s hesitation was palpable. I had expected William to struggle during the war, but I was proven wrong. Jamie was paranoid about accidentally harming his own son. He also did not want to kill his second cousin, Simon. The worst occurred when Jamie was ordered to kill Simon but instead faked a poor shot, knocking a British soldier’s hat off. However, when he saw that it was William’s hat, it terrified him. It was his worst nightmare come true. I appreciated the slow-motion sequence that allowed us to fully experience Jamie’s turmoil. Unfortunately, Simon and Benedict were both shot.

Jamie and Claire are summoned to see Simon before his death, and it was heartwarming to witness Jamie reunite with his family. They reminisced about their childhood in Scotland, and despite fighting on opposite sides, there was no animosity between them. Meanwhile, Claire had the chance to speak to William once again. She informed Jamie, and he returned William’s hat to him, explaining that he needed to have a man-to-man conversation with him. It’s touching to see Jamie find ways to connect with William, even if it is from a distance. I sincerely hope that one day William learns the truth. The following day, Jamie is asked to transport Simon’s body back to Scotland for burial, solidifying their plans. Eventually, the British surrender, and Jamie, Claire, and Ian get to return home on a pleasant boat journey. I found it amusing to see Jamie seasick once again. He was truly miserable, and Claire offered him the option of acupuncture as a remedy, which he declined this time. Finally, they reached Scotland, and I couldn’t help but feel emotional realizing that our beloved characters were coming back to where their journey began. I have always had a fondness for their adventures in Scotland, and I eagerly anticipate what they will discover about the changes that have occurred in the land during their absence.


Rachel and Ian finally acted upon their unresolved attraction, but the outcome was far from what they had anticipated. Ian presents Rachel with some goose grease, leading to another moment of physical contact between them. Seizing the opportunity, Ian kisses Rachel, but she responds by slapping him instead. However, it is evident that Rachel is still grappling with her emotions and harbors a desire to be with Ian, despite her confusion.

Later, Rachel confides in Denzell, unexpectedly learning that Denzell had witnessed Ian leaving their tent earlier. The siblings engage in a heartfelt conversation about Rachel’s emotions, acknowledging the potential detrimental consequences of pursuing a relationship with Ian. The combination of a Quaker and a Scotsman turned Mohawk is deemed unwise. I felt a sense of sadness when Ian leaves Rolo behind with Rachel, and my concern escalates as Rachel encounters Mr. Bug. He threatens to disrupt Ian’s life when he least expects it, leaving me worried that he may now begin following Rachel. What adds to the fear is the fact that if Rachel and Rolo were to get hurt, Ian would be unaware as he is in Scotland.

Roger, Bree & Buck:

The details of their storyline were limited, but it was revealed why Rob took Jemmy through the stones. Bree believed it was for the Spaniards’ gold, which makes sense as Jemmy would know its whereabouts. However, we’re left wondering why Rob is so fixated on the gold. Could it be to gain wealth and win back his ex-wife and child? Despite Rob’s seemingly carefree demeanor, there must be something undisclosed happening in his life. It’s perplexing why he would risk his life, even though he appeared to be a loner. Furthermore, if Rob acquires the gold, its potential curse could have unforeseen consequences. I appreciate Buck’s willingness to assist Roger and Bree in retrieving Jemmy. Upon discovering Roger’s familial connection, Buck is committed to preserving the family’s legacy. Nevertheless, I’m apprehensive that Buck may meet his demise during this journey through the stones.