After we endured the cringe-worthy Halloween episode, it’s now time to focus on several aspects that could lead up to the disappearance and or murder of Jughead Jones towards the end of the season. Hopefully, the blackhood and gargoyle king stunts are over for good and the former farm members can continue to live a fulfilling life after Edward’s death, but again it’s Riverdale. Anything can happen and the possibilities are endless. For that reason, I encourage your thoughts and opinions to be knowns so that we can compare notes. My standpoint my differ from yours or you may have concluded something that I’ve yet to think of. I’m just very anxious this season because I couldn’t fathom watching Riverdale without Cole Sprouse or the show being discontinued.

Veronica Vs. Hiram

This part of the episode confused me in a few ways because of the approach and angel of a new arising plot. Firstly, I remember Veronica stating to the press that she wasn’t choosing either parent’s side during their trials, now she is defending her mother. Most of the things Hermoine has gotten herself into could’ve been avoided if she played her cards right, but she just isn’t as smart as Hiram and Veronica so I guess having Veronica by her side is fair game. Hiram has more power than anyone in Riverdale which makes it almost impossible for Veronica to compete with. She can get him on his knees, but trust and believe he won’t stay there. Veronica worked closely with Archie’s mother to get her out of doing time in prison, but it is unclear if it will happen thanks to Hiram’s long lost daughter who came to his aid when Veronica and Hermoine turned their backs on them for the sake of Riverdale. Thanks to her Hiram got off the hook and is now setting his sights on becoming the new mayor of Riverdale.

The Serial Killer Genes

Betty decided to take Charles up on his offer by joining the junior FBI program along with Kevin. I thought it was quite fitting for her considering all of the work she and Jughead did together, but I’m starting to think that this program is unhealthy for Betty. Since she started the program, Charles has discussed the qualities of a serial killer, all in which Betty posses. From what she has learned, she discovered a lot of things about herself that becomes very frightening. From killing caramel to writing stories in her diary where she is the hero, the darkness in Betty lives. She even went to the clinic just to make sure that she does indeed have serial killer genes. Afterward, she decided it might be best if she withdrew from the program, but Charles encouraged her to stay because he too possesses the same serial killer genes. Charles explained that working for the FBI has helped him suppress his inner darkness in hopes that it will help Betty. The news sparked Betty to believe that Charles has hidden agendas and that she and Kevin have to keep an eye on him. The biggest question though is why does Charles really wants to stay in Riverdale?

The Jones Men

Obviously, this pissing contest that Brent keeps having with Jughead will never end. To make matters worse he purposely tries to slander Jughead’s roots, but he really hit below the belt when he mentioned the Jone’s men. After Jughead met one of the ghostwriters behind the Baxter Boys book series, he became inspired to compete in the writing contest to become the next Baxter Boy Ghostwriter. Jughead later discovered that his grandfather who he never met was a writer of the book series. Jughead also received the Baxter boys series every year for his birthday, but eventually, F.P told him that is was his grandfather who sent him those books. I can understand why F.P isn’t too keen on his or Jughead’s relationship with his father because of his past, but at one point F.P was just like his father, so he shouldn’t hold a grudge against him. I hope that F.P will come to his senses and realize that the Jones men need to support Jughead in his journey.

The Battle For The Center

It’s sad to say that the citizens of Riverdale are trying to tear down everything that Archie is trying to build. Everything that Archie and Madd Dog has done for the youth and the community is absolutely amazing, I didn’t understand why anyone would want to get in the way of the that. It proves his mother’s point that Riverdale isn’t worth saving. When Archie received a notice from F.P stating that his community neighbors were making complaints about his center. He invited the community to come over and get to know him. It was then that he discovered that it was Dodger who reassured businesses into protesting the center so that the kids would have no choice but to sell drugs for him. These businesses are also under his protection so if they refuse, it could be high risk of robberies and burning buildings. Archie issued a warning to Dodger and declared war, but I’m sure he will do his best to take him out. If Archie isn’t careful, everything he worked hard for thus far will be in shambles.

Rating: 4/5

I’m glad that this episode wasn’t hard to follow and wasn’t all over the place like some of the episodes. I really like the story angles that formed in this episode because it allows us to form different alternative outcomes that will happen later on in the season. I really don’t care for the Lodge family, but I love the feud that Veronica has with her father. In so many ways, they’re alike and I love to see how they can creatively outdo each other. It’s clear that her newfound sister is just as devious as the both of them, so Veronica will need backup in this two on one scenario. I’m also looking forward to hearing the backstory of her and if she plans to stay in Riverdale like most relatives do. I also enjoyed Betty’s journey into her past. It’s scary, but at least she is aware of what she is capable of and overall knows who she really is, but I’m concerned that if she exposes her traces of hidden darkness it can get her into a load of trouble. At the end of this episode we got to see another sneak peek of what will later happen to Jughead, but this time F.P stormed into the classroom and announced that Betty, Archie, and Veronica will be arrested for Jughead’s murder. If Charles eventually gets involved with Jughead’s case, he could throw Betty under the bus by exposing her serial killer traits. An alternative ending to this could be that these scenes are apart of Jughead’s murder story for the Baxter Boys in which his murder is being produced in the book. We have a lot to look forward to and I can’t wait to see how this will play out.