With a show title of Rock Hard, do I even want to know? Hell yeah, I do!

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We open to the guys at a record store. A real record store. Those are so far and few between, but I digress. Peter says that Morrison did it right. Die young so we don’t see him playing at a local casino. From there, Peter tells the story of Jim Morrison in a fashion that only he can.

Of course, Peter is Jim Morrison. Joe, Brian, and Quagmire make up the rest of the band. A thought occurred to me, you would think Peter would give Joe the joy of walking in his imagination, but nope. Of course, Lois plays Mr. Morrison’s love interest. In the manner that Peter tells the story, putting his own spin on facts about the legendary rock star and the story of the Doors.

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The next story is about Muddy Drawers after Jerome decided to school Peter about who Actually started Rock and Roll. I highly doubt Jerome’s telling will be any closer to the truth than Peter’s. I was right. Apparently, Muddy Drawers lived in the waters of the mighty Mississippi River. They were so poor they had to share a mustache. In this one, Quagmire is the Devil which fits.

To wrap it up, we get a story about Sir Elton John. I guess Elton’s first life’s dream was to be a tax man and his father looked more like the Elton John we know and love today. Junior was a disappointment being a financial advisor. Eventually, Elton gave in and become an entertainer. The story ended weirdly and abruptly.

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This episode was certainly interesting. Not bad, just head-scratching. Also, I would love to tell you, my husband walked in on me watching this episode, asked if Peter was Meatloaf. When I said he was Jim Morrison, my husband said nope, turned around, and walked out. I didn’t even get a kiss. Let me know what you think of the episode down below. Until next week…