Family Guy is back! Season 20 and still going strong! I don’t know how Family Guy and The Simpsons do it? I mean, Peter does give a lot of room for antics so… How does Lois keep putting up with his shenanigans? If that were my husband, I would be a widow. I couldn’t do it. Well, if you missed my article on the season finale, you can find it here. Let’s see how they kick off the season.

We open to Lois dropping Stewie off at preschool. After dropping him off and as she was leaving, Lois hit a kid that was trying to get to school. The kid’s name is Doug and Doug’s parents come over so Lois can apologize.

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In a way to make things right with Doug’s parents, Lois is roped into building a treehouse and getting her eyes checked. The town’s doctor (and a terrible doctor he is), tells Lois she either needs glasses or LASIK eye surgery. Lois opts for LASIK. I swear, this has to be the only doctor in town. He does EVERYTHING medical in Quahog. He did the eye surgery too.

The surgery left Lois blind. Lois is angry and the doctor blamed the surgery going wrong on his cat. Needless to say, Lois will not be building the treehouse as promised. Fear not, in Lois’s steed, Peter, Chris, Brian, and Stewie do to Doug’s house to fulfill her word. Nothing can go wrong. The housekeeper that will be living in it will be fine.

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Meg sets Lois up with her laptop so she can record a video of how she is feeling. It’s a good video. However, Chris is upset that Mr. Herbert is “cheating” on him. Lois’s video was a hit and she immediately monetizes it making the brand ICU. Meg feels betrayed. Suddenly Lois can see again and must pretend to still be blind. Doug’s dad continues to add to the list of stuff to keep him from suing the Griffin’s.

Will Lois be found out and lose her brand? How much more will the Griffin guys have to do to keep from getting sued? I am thrilled that Family Guy is back. What about you? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…