It’s no secret that w are fans of Nintendo and anime here at The Game of Nerds. Many writers on staff dream of traveling to Tokyo, Japan, to adventure and eat. The truth is the way to any nerd’s heart is through fandoms and food. TokyoTreat Company has done just that! They’ve created a monthly subscription box of delicious Japanese treats to try while you play video games or watch your favorite anime. We got our hands on the Fruit Fall Box just for you!

The box comes directly from Japan via DHL. I loved how on top of tracking this company was! Most subscription companies are relaxed in shipping, but mine was on time and delivered adequately! The snacks come in a single box individually packaged as if the box was stuffed at a local Japanese snack shop and shipped right out. Each box is $35, or you can subscribe for different monthly terms. In this Fruity Fall box, we got 17 snacks to try. My husband, Andy, aka PoppinHopper, was on hand to help me go through the snacks and give his opinion and my other family members. Here are our favorites and least favorites:


  • Fanta Peach – We never tried this but holy crap we will be finding some here in the US ASAP! Fanta has been holding out on us!
  • KitKat Mont Blanc – My husband the KitKat consuier loved these! The white chocolate nutella like KitKat was a perfect bite size snack. He was really glad he got a whole bag of these.
  • Pocky Heartful Blueberry – This is another snack that we will be looking for! They were delicious and compariable to the one we are all used to seeing!
  • Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato Chips – These were awesome! They are comparable to a spicy Lays BBQ bag of potato chips!
  • Sour Paper Candy Grape – It’s like if Bubblicious gum and Airheads had a baby and it was super sour.


  • Koala’s March Butter & White Chocolate – We tried them but the phrase “fermented butter” really turned us off. They weren’t that great taste wise either to try more than one.
  • Onion Taro – A very funky onion puff that my husband swears made his stomach upset. He says it wasn’t like Funyun at all, but different.
  • Sparrow Egg Crackers – At first my brother thought these would be great with a beer, but then retracted that statement to “These are just bad” after a second helping.
  • DonDon Yaki – After having the Sparrow Egg Crackers, Andy was hoping these would be better. He was sorely mistaken and replied that these were a combo of “Salt & Vinegar with Burnt Popcorn” flavor
  • Texas Corn Okonomiyaki Flavor – The guide describes these as a “classic Japanese dish full of tany and saucy goodness.” My father had one word for it as he spit it into the garbage and it was, “Yuck!”

I confess that I didn’t get to try any of these items other than the Fanta Peach. As someone who has massive food allergies, I’m often left out of boxes like this. Unfortunately, this was the case with this box too. I have to say, though, this box is beautifully curated and contains a guidebook of the items. However, the guidebook does though leave out any allergy information and instead promotes the other TokyoTreat lines. With all items in Japanese, it’s tough to figure out if this would be an item you could safely eat, especially if you have a nut allergy. But if you don’t have any food allergies and love snacks, I highly recommend that you get this monthly subscription box to TREAT YOURSELF!

Let me know if you got a TokyoTreat Box! I would love to know what you think in the comments!