Prison Break season 5 was a roller coaster ride, as was all seasons of Prison Break. It started a little slow in my eyes with a new location and new people to get behind after such a long layoff. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Kaniel Outis story for quite some time, with only 9 episodes I think it took a little to long to find it’s rhythm this season. The location, situation, and likeness to real world events made it hard television to watch at first.

Poseidon was an interesting, and easy to establish villain which is good with the shortened season length this year. I was somewhat shocked, and happy to hear that Teddy had a son, but was saddened for him that he lost his son right in front of him. I’m curious if Teddy ended up killing Poseidon at Fox River or if they have more to share between the two for being new cell mates now.

It was also nice to see Sucre and Franklin back into the fold, I wish I saw LJ in the show, but maybe that was for a reason.What everyone is asking and wondering is if this show is now coming back for a season 6? The episode left it open ended in that regard, on one end, with now being free of all charges and seemingly safe, Michael and Lincoln can have a happy ever after. At the same time any number of the remaining cast can find themselves in trouble again, or perhaps they make a plan to bust Teddy out of Fox River? Rumors are that everyone is willing to film a season 6 with the exception of Sara, which in a way I can understand as she is still currently on Colony on the USA network. The show has experienced that before going through a season without her so it’s possible they would do it again. Another rumor is that they keep the show premise but reshuffle the deck with a new group, would it still be as compelling, would you watch? I would check it out and see how I liked it, I love the show premise, but their is only one Michael Scoffield. If I had to score this season I would give it a 7.