While the summer of Aabria may be over, that does not mean we cannot still bask in her glory! Aabria Iyengar is known for co-hosting the Storybenders podcast and playing in a plethora of D&D games. Recently, she GMed Critical Role’s Exandria Unlimited and played Antiope Jones on Dimension 20’s The Seven. However, this week I would like to look at her role as GM for Dimension 20’s Misfits and Magic campaign.

misfits and magic
Source: Geek Tyrant

The Cast

Aabria Iyengar Game Master
Erika IshiiDream
Brennan Lee MulliganEvan Kelmp
Danielle RadfordSam Black
Lou WilsonWhitney Jammer
A table of the players and their characters or role in this campaign.

The System

This side quest campaign used the Kids on Brooms system, consisting of six stats: brains, brawn, fight, flight, grit, and charm. Depending on the player, each stat has a dice associated with it. For example, if I were rolling for myself, brains would probably be a D20, with fight being a D4. If the players are attempting to use magic, they also add a D4 to their roll and any bonuses. Overall, this is not a system I was super familiar with, but this campaign spiked my interest.  

The Story

This story takes place in a world similar to ours. Four teens from all walks of life were summoned, by owl, to attend a magic school. Which to many would seem pretty typical of a D&D game; however, magic is unknown to the people of Earth. It is kept for the elite in a totally different realm. So our heroes took the plunge and decided to join the world of magic. Throughout the season, friendships were forged, love was found, and the “man” was taken down a peg. Misfits and Magic took elements from everyone’s favorite posh British magical school and made it something completely new.


I have shared my love for Dimension 20 several times on this side of TGON. However, I think Misfits and Magic may be my favorite campaign yet. Iyengar is a fantastic GM full of creativity and composure. Let’s face it, wrangling these PCs could be difficult at times, but she did great. It was also wonderful to see the character arcs come full circle. First, Dream found a balance between her personas. They learned that darkness and bubblegum pink could mingle, and they could be whomever they wanted to be. Second, Jammer found his natural leadership on the court could easily be applied to other areas of his life.

Similarly, Sam found her inner leader as well. Their abilities to connect with people made their world a better place. Finally, Kelmp found inner charisma and a desire to take down the man while keeping his inner demons at peace. In the end, I found this campaign to be a delightful addition to the Dimension 20 sidequests, and I am excited to see where the next story takes us.