Dying Light had its 3rd birthday just a couple weeks ago, and the folks over at Techland have decided to grace lovers of their masterpiece with a special Valentine’s Day event and weekly content drops that can be gathered in-game, as well as a 66% discount on the base game and major content packs.


Screenshot of Gemly Site by Muneeb

The game and its DLC are available at a discount on both Techland’s Gemly online store, and also on Steam. More on the plans devs have for February can be found in the “Thank you” video released on the Dying Light channel.

For fans who have been closely following any developments in the Dying Light sphere, this will be old news, but to those to whom it comes as a welcome surprise, show the devs your appreciation by booting up the old rootin’-tootin’ parkour-and-zombie-shootin’ adventure and have a blast!