The Marvel and DC universes, often intertwining and merging at unexpected moments, are some of the best sources of ideas and inspiration for slot game developers. Superheroes such as Superman, Catwoman, X-Men, Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and many others have left the walls of the Marvel\DC company. These companies produce a huge volume of those blockbusters that we go to see in cinemas every year and buy comics nearly every week. Nothing is surprising in the fact that almost all slot machine companies have in their assortment software that is dedicated to such topics as superheroes.

The first official games and licenses

The first company to sign an agreement with the publishing house of Marvel and DC to use superhero characters in their slot machines was Cryptologic. Since 2005, the designers and engineers of the Cryptologic company have produced and launched into the gaming market many bright, interesting, and high-quality slot machines that have been dedicated to the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Captain America, and many other famous and popular characters. Some of the online casinos have received these games first, namely:

The comics-based slot machines are very popular among online casino visitors and are very often included in the list of slot machines that have a progressive jackpot.

Branded slot games

The second company, which followed the example of Cryptologic and also signed a contract with Marvel, was a company from England – Playtech. The appearance on the gaming market of two large companies that offered their customers slot machines related to Marvel comics was received very positively in the online casino world. This fact had a very positive impact on attracting more and more new customers to gambling establishments. Since Playtech and its slot machines were previously very popular all over the world, the new slot machines based on Marvel comics were tested by a huge number of people in a very short time.

There are also many other very famous and popular slot machine companies. But for one reason or another, they were unable to sign full-fledged contracts with Marvel. Instead, they use a point-by-point strategy, buying the rights to individual superheroes from Marvel, which allowed them to make thematic slots and various table games.

It makes no sense now to present the entire list of slot machines based on comics from Marvel. There are a huge number of them. But what you can be sure of is that if you see a new blockbuster with superheroes on TV or in the cinema, then you should know that a separate slot machine is already dedicated to this at the online casino.