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If you’re just getting to know about Warzone and searching for what to do, keep reading as we explore the important things to know. The first thing to appreciate about the game is that you can access it on Microsoft Windows, Play Station, 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. So, the platforms to choose from are numerous. You can play it on one that suits your preference. 

Other important aspects of how to play the game are what we will discuss below. First, we recommend that you equip yourself with Call of Duty Warzone hacks to simplify the game a bit. That way, you can shorten the learning curve and jump right into it with guns blazing. So, keep reading to learn more. 

How to play Warzone for beginners 

  1. Understand the Modes

There are three game modes in warzone, and each has unique features and requirements. The modes now include Battle Royale, Plunder, and Resurgence. In the Battle Royale mode, you’ll land on the map with other players and fight the hot battle to emerge the winner. The circle or “Playable area” shrinks continually and brings players closer to one another in closer confrontations. Once the circle closes and you don’t make it to the safe zone, the yellow gas will deplete your health and kill you unless you get to the safe zone. Another thing is that dying once in battle Royale mode doesn’t mean death. Instead, you’ll be sent into a prison called Gulag, where you will fight another player to win or die finally unless your teammates buy you back with cash. 

Plunder is not as tough as Battle Royale modes. This mode aims for players to make more money before the allotted time. Many activities you complete, such as looting, killing, and completing available contracts, give you cash. But mind you, if you die, you will lose your cash. 

On the other hand, Resurgence is a Warzone mode that allows players to avoid the Gulag and respawn after a stipulated time into the battle. 

  1. Learn the maps 

There are three maps to know and master as you will be playing the mode on them. The first one is Verdansk which emerged with the game. The map has five sectors, and each sector comprises many zones. There is also Verdansk 84, where the Battle Royale & Plunder matches take place.  The map emerged with additional locations and even changed many things in the old version. The third map is Rebirth Island which is smaller and accommodates only 40 players per match. Studying these maps will equip you to understand your game environment. 

  1. Making money in Warzone 

Players make money by looting and killing others. Also, you can complete several contracts to earn cash. Some of the Contracts include Scavenger contracts, Bounty contracts, Top-Secret contracts, Recon contracts, Most wanted, and Supply Run. Some of them might involve killing a target, opening some supply boxes, securing a particular location, etc. Once you complete any of these contracts, you earn cash. With the money you make, you can visit the Buy Stations and grab things like UAV drones, Gas Masks, Airstrikes, Armor Plates, Loadout Drop, etc. 

  1. Know the available vehicles 

The vehicles you can use in Warzone include helicopters that can carry four players at once and fly around the map. In addition, there is a cargo truck that can carry both the players and their equipment. You can also use SUVs, ATVs, and Tactical Rover. All these vehicles facilitate movement on the game maps. But remember, vehicles make noise, so use them with caution. 

  1. Playing Warzone 

  Every match starts when players parachute into the map from the airplane. While dropping, make sure you choose a spot farther than where others are landing, or you might die faster. Once you land, start killing those that attack you and loot for items. Make sure you earn cash by completing contracts and looting boxes. 

Also, be mindful of the shrinking area so you won’t be caught outside the safe zone. You can play with others in squads and duos. You can also play solo, although we don’t recommend that for beginners. When the match ends, the last man or team standing becomes the winner. 

Remember, dying doesn’t mean total elimination. It means you will enter the “Gulag,” where you face a 1v1 deathmatch with another player. Try to win because if you die, you’re out unless the team has enough cash to buy you back. 

If you’re playing Plunder, focus on looking for the Cash all over the map to grab $1million. When the allotted time elapses, the team with more cash wins. 


Warzone is an interesting game all through. The different modes present lots of challenges and interesting experiences. All you need to play is to understand the modes, the maps, the gameplay, objectives, and the game mechanics. With that information, you can start the adventure today.