In a quick flashback we learn that when Huck was found on the dock at Omaha she already had a broken arm. Back to the current timeline, we find out that “Hucks’ Real name is really Jennifer. Jennifer tells Indira that her mother doesn’t know they are here. Hope wants to talk to her sister and Felix and they want them to go back to the Civic Republic with them. Iris and Felix come out to talk to them. Iris and Felix are not feeling it and don’t want to go back with them. Hope is afraid the longer they are not there the better chance dad will stir up trouble for everyone. Iris and Felix tell Huck that they think that the CRM was behind Omaha falling and that the empties was just a cover story.

Elton hangs back and watches from a distance he can’t bring himself to talk to Hope after a flashback about his mom and sister. He starts freaking out and leaves for a walk. Huck says that the CRM has Silas and he is safe and if they go they can see him too. This is the first Hope has heard of this herself. During Elton’s walk he comes upon a shack in the woods, inside he finds all sorts of medical supplies from the CR. He is very confused, but Asha catches up to him. They talk, she doesn’t want anyone to know as it will compromise things there, to try to keep the secret she tells him that she is the one sick. Iris and Hope go to talk alone, while Huck wants to go for a walk but Felix won’t let her go alone.

Nicolas Cantu as Elton, Madelyn Kientz as Asha – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Hope tells Iris that she wants to go to Portland now, and tell the other part of the alliance what the Civic Republic has really been up too. The sisters are not on the same page at all on how to get everyone out safely. Iris thinks they will be prisoners inside, while Hope says if she stays out they will keep looking for her and everyone will be caught before they could do anything. In the woods Huck talks with Felix, she tells him that Will was lost on a mission. A walker comes upon them and Huck is wondering how one got inside, as she turned her back Felix smacks her in the back with a gun and grabs the walker. He hovers it over her and says he won’t kill her now he just wanted to know what it would feel like when he does.

Back at the houses Felix, who doesn’t know that he is back, thinks he saw Percy leaving the armory. Will says that he came back and saw all these bloody bandages. Felix says that was Percy and he is going to go to try to kill Huck and if he does they will all be dead. Percy did get Hucks gun from the armory and tracked her down. Will comes across them first, he tries to get a shot at Percy but it’s not there. Will has no choice but to run out and show Huck that he is actually alive which is a risky move. Felix runs out to help form a wall in front of Huck, Percy see she has no clear shot so he retreats. Will and Felix tell Huck that they think the CRM were behind the destruction of Omaha and they used the walkers to do it. Huck doesn’t want to believe it because that means it would have had to go through her mom and she wouldn’t keep that secret from her. Felix says you’ve spent your entire life lying to everyone what makes you think she doesn’t do the same thing? Hope just learns that the CRM went after Will and she said that changes her perspective on things.

With Silas at the station, they do light things up there. They have loud rock music hooked up to a loud speaker system, all sorts of fireworks, and lots of explosions and mines. The other three go out to snare the walker that has the tracking mechanism on it that Dr. Bennett put on a walker. This has to be brought back to the facility, Dennis is upset at Silas who was day dreaming at the fireworks and heard a helicopter. After all that is done Dennis works on Silas hand, right after this is done Silas noticed a pamphlet and map that says Ithica research facility. He took it, and tried to leave, he was quickly caught and they threw him in a little test room for lack of better explanation. They told him to hit anything that moves, it was full of walkers but it was a ruse. Silas got upset they were toying with him.

Asha gives Elton a little more insight into her “illness”. Elton tries to explain how things with Hope are messy and she suggests he go talk to her. Hope was on her way out before he could get back though. Felix is frustrated that he doesn’t know how to save Dr. Bennett and Hope, and now he has to try to figure out how to save Silas. He tells Will that Huck mentioned he is at a culling outpost. Will thinks things over for a second, and says it’s a longshot, but if Silas is where he thinks he is, the location that Silas is at has things they could use to save everyone.

In another hut, Percy tells Iris that he is not upset that Will and Felix stopped him from killing Huck. He didn’t think how it would affect everyone else. He isn’t done with that though, that is obvious. Pretty predictably Indira is really the one who is sick, not Asha. One of the cleanup crew is getting moved up to basic training and has to leave.

Annet Mahendru as Huck,- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

When Huck returns Colonel Elizabeth is doing a super fake sad message to Portland about what has happened in Omaha. After it’s over Huck asks her mom the names of the survivors who got airlifted from Omaha, Elizabeth said that information is above her class rank. Huck says she isn’t asking as a soldier, and Elizabeth cuts her off and says don’t! You would hate for people to think you just got back and didn’t learn your lesson. Huck flashes back to what Felix said and she realizes maybe her mom is lying. Huck also thinks back to how she had to get into Omaha and how her mom ordered Huck to get her arm broken before getting into Omaha.