The second episode of this season picks up right after the first episode ended with Felix finding Iris in the forest after killing a soldier. He helps her kills some walkers and he hides the body as other CRM soldiers are out looking for their missing companion. They are able to evade that night, and in the next morning Iris is looking for a walker that sort of resembles Will’s body composition. Felix is confused why Iris would attack the soldier, and Iris says she feels the CRM is behind the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony. Felix is extremely shocked but Will says the thought has crossed his mind before as well.

Silas is being transported somewhere by a man named Dennis. Dennis isn’t exactly forthcoming with information at first. Silas is brought to a sort of cleanup location with three other people. At this location every few days they lure in walkers with lights and music and then they blow them up and go out and do clean up. Dennis tells Silas that this place was the first of it’s kind in the area, now the state has 4 other locations that are larger. The plan is to clear out the state of walkers, while making sure no other walkers make it inside and in turn they would create a foothold to start over. Dennis is a mechanic and he goes around and fixes stuff, he is dropping a walker to the research facility. In his truck after putting down the visor we learn that he has or had a thing with Huck.

Hal Cumpston as Silas, Maximilian “Max” Osinski as Dennis – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Dr. Bennett wants some answers, he wants to know where his daughter Iris is, he wants updates on his security detail Will, but the Colonel Elizabeth is a dodgy lying bitch and just gives him the run around. Bennett wants his family back tonight! He leaves after she reveals some things he did that he shouldn’t have done. Elizabeth asks a soldier if they have any details on his security detail and they don’t have any leads. She has the soldier prepare a transport. The place that Iris and others are staying now want them to leave because of the danger they put them in. They don’t get a chance to come to a conclusion as Elizabeth and the CRM are coming to look for outsiders and for clues on their missing soldier.

– The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC

The Colonel gets a transmission that they have located the missing soldier and security detail right before she was going to find Iris and company. The missing soldier and “Will” are found at the bottom of a ravine. At a distance it looks like them since they put Will’s jacket on a walker, Elizabeth says the bodies might wash away before they can get down there to retrieve and inspect the bodies but they should try anyways. She does want it to be authorized personnel only since Dr. Bennett doesn’t need anymore bad news today.

Meanwhile at the research facility Dr. Layla Bellshow shows hope around since her dad has been occupied. Hope was hesitant at first until she saw you need a keycard to get inside certain areas, which Layla has. Lyla lets Hope know what they are working towards, which is to try to find a cure to stop the dead. Hope notices an authorized personnel only sign inside and tries to find a way to get inside, another teen catches her in the act and opens the door to let her see and it’s just a storage room.

With that side mission a bust she goes into her dad’s office, inside Layla shows Hope a video of what research her dad and others have been working on. This has been strapping something to walkers where they can learn walker patterns and how weather can affect them. They are also looking at altering fungi to inject to walkers to expedite the decaying process.

As this episode winds down information comes fast, Dr. Bennett is freaking out because Iris and Felix were not at the safe house they were supposed to wait for everyone from according to the CRM. Hope won’t spill the beans, while Dr. Layla is talking to Elizabeth and saying that Dr. Bennett is losing focus and they might need to use Hope as motivation, while Elizabeth says she thought that was what (Layla) was for. Layla looks down as she is failing, Elizabeth is about to leave when Layla asks when she will get another walker test subject as it’s been awhile since her last one.