A lot of anime fans will playfully give Netflix crap about their anime adaptions of manga, but they’ve done a great job with The Way Of The Househusband. This series is based off of a manga written by Kousuke Oono. I admire the team behind the development of this anime as it is illustrated exactly like the manga. Of course I became obsessed with the main character Yakuza Tatsu, who wouldn’t be? He is the fictional embodiment of a woman’s desires. Though he has a masculine physique, he doesn’t mind showing his feminine side. Most importantly, he takes his job as a husband super seriously.

Tatsu was once feared because of his reputation as the immortal dragon. Throughout this season, I thought that he would bring out his former self, but instead he competed in cooking competitions, rap battles, and teaching his friend the way of the househusband. His wife Miku is the breadwinner, gamer, and anime fan. She brings out the fluffy in Tatsu. He makes her lunches, make sure the house is sparkling clean, and makes the best homecooked meals. One of my favorite things about this househusband is his dedication to pleasing his Miku. Tatsu makes being a househusband look easy, but in many episodes he has faced challenges like broken figurines, grocery shopping, and the dreaded laundry.

Rating: 5/5

This article may come off as ingenuine because all of the great things that the househusband does, but I assure you it’s a great anime. I’m giving this show a 5/5 rating because it was enjoyable. As a wife, I’m pretty sure you can relate to all of the daily adventures that the househusband has. It also feels really good to see the gender rules that society has placed on women be reversed. We are told we are to cook, clean, and do laundry, but what about the men. This anime was the most enjoyable fantasy I’ve ever watched. I’m now more encouraged to read the manga until Netflix brings us more Tatsu. Season 2 is also available now as of October 7, 2021. I can’t wait for you to enjoy it!

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