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There’s been a lot of gaming news recently, and even more announcements. In the sea of new gaming content, you may have not had a chance to catch everything. In case you forgot about Animal Crossing’s direct on the 15th of October, here’s a list of everything that will be coming in the free update. If you’re interested about what’s coming in the DLC that you can pay for, you can find the direct here.

The Return of The Roost

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The eagerly anticipated Brewster is finally arriving in New Horizons in the next free update. Located toward the back of the museum, The Roost will once again be open for business. Players can go into The Roost to grab themselves a cup of coffee, as well as running into fellow island residents, or even grabbing some with friends. The direct also announced that amiibos can be used to invite characters to have coffee with you; these both being villagers and other npcs.

… As Well As Kapp’n!

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Brewster isn’t the only one making a return in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Kapp’n will also be found by the island pier, happy to take you on a boat ride. Not only do players get to listen to his famous sea shanties, but also travel to new islands with new foliage, such as shrubs and vines that allow you to climb up cliffs. There is also a chance that different islands will have different seasons and different times of day.

And Extra Familiar Faces

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If you thought that this reunion was already big enough, there’s more. Toward the back of Harv’s island, players can find returning characters such as Harriet, as well as help fund permanent fixtures for salesmen on the island, such as Kicks, Leif and even Redd. This means that players will no longer have to wait for the time that these shops open up in the plaza, as they will have a place where they can always be open. There will also be characters that provide other features, such as Reese and Cyrus, as well as Katrina.

Recipes and Farming

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Newly added DIY recipes will allow players to cook their own recipes, all from freshly grown ingredients from the gardens. These recipes can be used as decorations in houses, but can also be gifted to island residents, and eaten for additional bonuses.

Even More Decorating

Those that take interior design to heart will love the design features. These include having a feature wall, which is where one wall is different from the others, as well as being able to hang items such as lamps from the ceiling. These features come with what is known as the Pro Decorating License.

Gyroids Of All Shapes And Sizes

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Players who enjoyed previous Animal Crossing games will also notice the return of gyroids. Rather than being found whole, players can find fragments. To cultivate these into full gyroids, players will have to bury them and water them to develop. What were previously gyroids of all similar design are now all individual, with their shape hinting at the kind of noise that they make. They can also be customized to suit the room, or vibe, that they are placed in.

And Even Some New Faces

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This new update also brings a variety of new villagers that can be residents on your island. Each one is a different species, all with their own unique appearance and themes. There are two special new characters, Niko and Wardell, though these are included in the paid-for DLC and are not villagers that will move onto your island.

And More

There are a few other features that haven’t been mentioned in detail, such as group stretches in the plaza, and island ordinances. But if you’re already caught up in all of the new content and want to watch it for yourself, you can have a look here:

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Are you going to be getting the new update? Will you be picking up Animal Crossing: New Horizons again? What do you think about some of the update being free, while some other parts aren’t? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!