It seems like forever since we’ve seen a childhood book come to life. Some of us are still trying to digest the Paddington Bear franchise. Clifford the Big Red Dog is the next beloved childhood book series to come to life and jump onto the big screen. When this movie was announced during the pandemic, I was originally super skeptical. As a mom who has watched pretty much every episode of animated Clifford the Big Red Dog known on Amazon Prime and PBS. The animation was pretty far-fetched, to begin with, but to make it live-action seemed like a Tom & Jerry movie 2.0. However after seeing the trailer, I may have changed my mind:

In this live-action version, they’ve decided to give the origin story of Clifford with a twist. In the stories, a very young Emily Elizabeth and her parents live in the city and find a dog that grows to be enormous. They end up moving to Birdwell Island so that Clifford has more room to grow. In this version, Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) is an awkward middle schooler trying to survive in the city with her single mother. It’s not until she’s left with her Uncle Casey played by Jack Whitehall that they find a dog from a unique animal rescuer who tells her that Clifford will grow to be as big as she loves him. The next morning, Clifford has gone from cute puffy to ginormous. The movie follows Emily, Uncle Casey, and Clifford’s adventures after he’s grown. The trailer makes this book series cute and more up-to-date to current times. It’s safe to say, the trailer actually makes me excited for its release on November 10th when this movie hits theaters and Paramount +. Will you be watching?