Released on June 2017, this action-adventure film was supposed to be one of the most successful movies this summer – starring Tom Cruise and with big budget special effects. However, it only made $31.7 million in its debut weekend and a total of $80 million in North America.

Watch the trailer below to find out what it’s all about.


The Mummy is based around soldier-of-fortune Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and he accidentally discovers the Tomb of Ahmanet thinking it would be treasure. Nick is then cursed and Ahmanet is determined to become immortal and let the God of Death have a physical form by sacrificing Nick.

The Mummy

Tom Cruise (left) looks like this the whole movie.

We can say that the movie is filled with action and jump scares but the constant appearance of life-like 5000-year-old corpses may have put the majority of the viewers off.

Also, many viewers and critics thought that Tom Cruise was not the best actor to play the character of Nick and we agree – after all we all associate Tom Cruise with being the “action man” who kisses hot female stars; Tom Cruise isn’t the guy who is confused more than half the time and has an obsession for a 5000-year-old lunatic Egyptian princess whose soul aim is to get the devil back to life.

So you could say The Mummy was an absolute wreck and a small number of people would agree but it did not suffer badly like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – read here why it failed.

You could also see it in another light: after such bad reviews and poor start in its domestic market it managed to make a whopping $397.7 million worldwide – this puts it in profit. No matter what others say, this film is perfect for those that love horror mixed with action and we highly recommend watching this movie.

And luckily for fans we will see the continuation the Dark Universe film series with The Bride of Frankenstein in February 2019.