Hello and welcome back to Ghosted. It has been a while! Let’s go ahead and dive into the series. If you don’t remember, the producers switched halfway through the series, and the new producer’s episodes took forever to air. I am curious as to how the series will change.

Already love the little nod to being gone for 3 months, as Leroy complains about the lack of monsters, when they use to come weekly. Also love how they bring up Max’s wife, who was kidnapped by aliens which caused him to lose his teaching job, then popped into one episode and was mentioned in another for a second.

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Courtesy © 2018 FOX

Leroy talking to himself was really cool. Got a nice feel for his character. I also love how how they involve the location for the first time. Seems like a scene with no meaning, but really good character development. The office is covered in dust, and yet the guy really needs hangers so he is not going to question anything. I love how Leroy knows everyone is watching, so Barry grabs a few hangers as samples. In fact, the fact the entire office has more named characters and that is super exciting.


Courtesy © 2018 FOX

Honestly enjoy the pacing and feel of the episode. Max has moment with the glass, and shows how he keeps trying to be like Leroy, but not. Because he isn’t Leroy, he finds the microphone. I love watching them fall back into the crime investigation duo. I love how the group includes the newer added characters like Sasha, Davey and Bird. It makes the moments between Leroy and Max more important. The wire leads over to the Mexican Place earlier shown, but it had been cleared out. They don’t know who was watching them, but plan to find out.

It’s good for them to be back. I actually like the new approach on the series, and wished the first half of the season was so engaging. I almost binge watched the rest of the episodes. Until next week, stay shiny!