Fallout: Alamo City Rocks the YouTube Universe

Fallout: Alamo City brings a surprising new twist to a cult classic.


There are somethings in life one doesn’t know they need until it is bestowed upon them. Fallout: Alamo City is one of those precious gifts. It’s set in the Lone Star State and I for one, have never been more excited to see nukes and cowboy hats reside in the same film.

Fallout: Alamo City
Source: Andrew List

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic role-playing franchise that takes place in the years 2161 and beyond. The five different titles all take place in the future but manage to perfectly capture a 1950’s vibe. The series starts after The Great War concluded and an atomic bomb wiped out most of humanity. Those deemed important by the United States government were given access to Vaults which kept them and their families safe from the blast. The “Sole Survivor” was one of the lucky ones and must battle their way through the wreckage and radiation to unlock the answers they seek. Rouge individuals, mutants, and rabid animals are only some of the obstacles the survivor must evade. In the end, the Fallout series is beloved by gamers everywhere.

Fallout: Alamo City
Source: Andrew List

Fallout: Alamo City is a fan-based project written and directed by Andrew List in loving memory of his brother Matthew. The pair played video games together religiously and it was that passion that drove Andrew to complete the project and release it to the public via YouTube free of charge. In their rendition of Fallout, a soldier will be nuking the wasteland again, but it appears all will not go as planned.

Fallout: Alamo CIty
Source: Andrew List

I hadn’t heard of Fallout: Alamo City until the week of the launch. However, this may have been a blessing because the moment I heard about it I was obsessed. I adored Fallout 4 and anything indie is right up my alley. The armor portrayed in Fallout are chunky and futuristic and the idea of seeing that on the red screen excited me. Imagining Fallout meshed with the old west gave the classic game a new depth that I had not imagined before. In the end, I was excited to see what Andrew and his team created.

Fallout: Alamo City
Source: IndieGoGo

Fallout: Alamo City starts off fast and loose with a dramatic fight scene. Our hero Icarus, a former soldier, is scouring the heart of Texas for the launch codes for the two remaining nukes. These nukes were said to be untouched since The Great War. As the journey continues, Icarus finds himself just on the outskirts of his destination when his world comes crashing down. Will his efforts be for nothing or will he achieve his goal?

Overall, I was impressed with Fallout: Alamo City. The twenty-minute video is worth checking out if one is a fan of the Fallout series. The plot was engaging, and detail oriented especially with the props. When I think of Fallout I envision dramatic armor. The T51 power armor helmet seen during the second fight scene was exactly what I was hoping to see. The only element that could have made the film soar would be adding more of the iconic 1950’s music. In the end, my expectations were exceeded, and I look forward to seeing what Andrew and his team will come up with next.

If you wanna relive the anticipation check out the official trailer here.

Don’t forget to watch the awesome film here.

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