Have you heard of Valheim? It’s a new video game of Steam that has taken the videogame world by storm. Released for early access play on February 2nd of this year, it has already hit five million players. Valheim was developed by the Swedish developers at Iron Gate Studios. At $19.99 it is worth the price. Me, my husband, his mother and sister, and three of our friends all play it.

The premise of the game is that you died in battle and the Valkyries took you to a tenth realm of the Norse worlds. In this realm, you must build, fight, and survive. So far I have seen and/or fought grey dwarves of different levels, trolls, skeletons, lox, wolves, draugers, sea serpents, and there is said to be a Kraken. I was spawned and was expected to survive right away. There are tools I can build easily so that I can. I have to pay attention to my hunger and stamina.

So far I play with the people I mentioned about. We all have our strengths and work in those areas. I usually cook, decorate, and round up supplies as long as I don’t have to try and use an arrow on a deer. It is something I really suck at that. I started in the meadow and have found black forests and mountains. We have been sailing and found swamps and plains. I find different enemies and crafting supplies in each area. The world is huge and I can build my base or house anywhere I want though I stick to the meadows. I bring what I find a home and build bigger and better weapons, tools, armor, and dwellings.

Below I have included the trailer for Valheim so you can see what it is. The game itself isn’t hard to play but it isn’t oversimplified either. I have played Life Is Feudal and this is a bit more straightforward in its crafting. It isn’t simple crafting like World Of Warcraft, but less of a headache that Life is Feudal. There is no magic at this point. The game is still being developed. As I pointed out, it is an early access game so it isn’t finished, more stuff is being added with more to come.

Seriously, check Valheim out. Remember it is an early access game so some patience is required. It is $19.99 on Steam. Have you heard of it? Do you already play? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next week…