Scott Patterson had a sit down during the New York Comic Con 2021 to discuss his time on the show and his new podcast, I Am All In. 

He is watching the show for the first time to go over his podcast where he brings guests and discusses the show and his time on the show. He only had watched the pilot when it first came. This time, he is watching each episode and is learning a lot about the story and understanding the fandom. Here are some highlights from his chat: 

When it comes to the infamous question to which of Rory’s boyfriends he likes, he said Jess as family matters and elaborated: He hates Logan, mocking him trying to be cool but really is just an ass (I personally, could not agree more, Logan is the worst!). He liked how much Jared Padalecki acted and brought to the character of Dean at such a young age and in one of his first acting jobs. But it was a lot for the first boyfriend and first relationship.   

He admitted to a couple of pranks that got him in trouble but wouldn’t name who he would do it on. However, if you had listened to Gilmore Guys Podcast, you would know that he actually did them to Milo Ventimiglia. 

He wishes he had more scenes with Taylor and Kirk as he felt a kinship with the actors and even the characters. 

He thinks Paris would have not been as successful as she has become. He shared that he thinks Rory should have had more of a structured life in A Year in the Life. Patterson thinks since Paris was having such a hard time at Chilton, you would assume she would not be able to cope with the real world. “But maybe that’s why I am not a successful writer (unlike show creators and writers, Amy and Dan).” 

If you ever wondered why Scott and Lauren Graham (who famously played lead Lorelai) never dated in real life, he shared the reason: 

“You can’t date your co-stars, it ruins the whole piece.” 

When a fan asked who his favorite actor to work with was, he said, Lauren. The chemistry was so palpable. He admitted in the past he had a crush on her. But he said whenever you went to an acting class and two actors are supposed to be a couple in the piece were a couple in real life, it was so boring. Using that energy and keeping it for the scene and work is more important. So there you have it! 

And finally, he had some good audition advice for aspiring actors: be yourself and do not act like they need them because they need you, not the other way around. And of course, be prepared by knowing your lines and know your craft. 

You can listen to his podcast here!