Welcome back to another week of awesome furry artwork!

A bit of a variety this week – not just with style, but also with themes. And some surprise Bioshock fan art.

Speaking of which, let’s start by taking a look at the #7 pick:

7. No Gods or Kings

Of all the things I didn’t expect to see this week, Bioshock fan art was certainly something I wasn’t expecting, especially from the furry world. But Normax brings the fantastic art deco side of Andrew Ryan’s doomed idea of an undersea paradise brilliantly. We’ve got a nice, bright, and glitzy lower portion that complements the grandiose, majestic underwater upper half. The character’s small size also works well with the picture, adding an overall sense of a grand scale to all of the other elements.

6. Coming in the Moonlight

Up next in the #6 spot is this lovely femme fatale brought to life by Lushminda. We’ve got all the classic marks of one with this picture: a pretty woman, an alluring outfit, and a wicked-looking weapon kept just barely out of sight. Seriously, take a look at that sword – the snake handle is one-hundred percent awesome, and adds a nice personal touch to the character.

5. Icy Feast

MylaFox freezes her place at the #5 spot with a downright adorable piece. And, admittedly a scrumptious looking piece – just look at all of that ice cream! This piece just goes to show you that the little ones can have quite the appetite for sweets. Another thing this piece does really well is the emotions. You really get a sense of excitement from Myla’s character and a real sense of shock and surprise from Highwater’s character.

4. Hrothgar

Slicing into the #4 spot is this wicked-looking character done by Dan Syron. I’m a touch out of my element here, as I’m unfamiliar with Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a bit of a close piece, but I think it’s that closeness that lends itself to the piece’s in-your-face and intense feeling. There’s some really great designs in this piece as well, such as the armor, that wicked-looking scythe, and the fearsome spirit coming up from behind the character, complete with sharp, wicked crimson claws.

Also, “Hrothgar” is the name of the feline species in Final Fantasy XIV.

Don’t get too lost with species names, however. We’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Howling to the full moon’s changes. Art by Susan O Nanami
Cinnamon All Dolled Up (By Felicia_Cat)
All dolled up indeed! Art by Felicia Cat
What’s up with #151? Art by Vexstacy

Some pretty neat honorable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Chapter Magic

MMA_TC kicks off the top three with this amazing (and still somewhat adorable, that’s a two-for-one deal) piece of Deltarune fanart. MMA TC is someone I’ve been following for a while now, having found them by way of Jevil fanart, another chaotic character from Deltarune. Casting art is something I see a lot, and it’s a real treat when it’s done to such a great extent as this piece. I really appreciate all of the small details, such as the flying pieces of energy, the intense light and shading, and Ralsei’s flowing outfit. It gives a real sense of power, might, and classic fantasy wonder to this piece.

2. City Night Lights

Falling into the #2 spot is this awesome cityscape commission by Mikapoofs. When you really think about it, this piece seems similar to the #7 piece – both have a character set up against a larger background that gives a real sense of scope and scale. Only one is art deco, and the other is cyberpunk. The water dragon looks pretty cool, though, with a very nice mix of blues and yellows, and some wicked-looking energy blades. Set that character, add in an amazing, highly detailed neon cityscape, and you’ve got quite the piece.

And now, this week’s #1 pick is:

1. Marmoreal

Taking the #1 spot this week is this astounding piece by Yacrical. Statues and other similar works of art have appeared aplenty in this series, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any brought to life like this. You really get a sense of the texture and material of the statues, which are supposed to be marble. Each also has its own striking poses, costumes, and overall designs. Not only that but there’s some sort of spirit behind one of the statues, lending a sort of mystical or spiritual aspect to the piece. Also, the fact that it’s in color sets it apart from the statues, making the piece (and the spirit) stick out. This also lends itself to the ideas of mysticism of the piece.

Congratulations and well done Yacrical! Your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

But what do you think of the list? Was there an awesome piece that I missed? Should the order have been different? Let me know and I’ll see all of you next week!