Every patch changes the meta to keep the game fresh for both veteran and new players alike. Such changes turn the tides as some heroes become more relevant than others whilst those in the spotlight in a previous season are relegated to the shadows. The best way to stay at the top is to embrace the changes. Here are the top five heroes in Dota 2’s patch 7.30b. Each one represents one of five positions.

Slark, the Nightcrawler for the safe-lane

The first position carry has the responsibility to scale fast by getting gold to buy necessary items to reach the power spike. Slark is very good at doing that thanks to his lethal abilities that most players know better than to receive. This patch made him even more efficient as a killer thanks to the update to his talent slots. He can shove waves and clear jungle camps faster than before. Rush the Diffusal Blade to become a more terrifying force in a 1v1 engagement.

Jin’zakk, the Batrider for the mid-lane

Batrider has always terrorized the off-lane as one of the most unfair heroes at the hands of a troll player. Such a display is only possible in casual games so don’t wager all-in for Dota 2 betting. This patch gave him a new career in the mid-lane where he can contest for the wave push and lane priority. His Sticky Napalm got buffed so he can effectively take on multiple heroes if the enemy jungler roams mid. Take Aghanim’s Shard to make him terrifying in a team fight. 

Banehollow, the Lycan for the off-lane

Lycan has always been a horrifying enemy, especially for beginners. This patch made him a terror among competitive players as he is now seemingly unkillable. He has crazy base stats that made him highly efficient in the off-lane. High armour, large hit points (HP) pool, and devastating attack damage with every swipe made him powerful with life steal. Get Helm of the Overlord after Vladmir’s Offering to make him a frightening bruiser. It’s also impossible to kite him thanks to his fast movement speed so it’s difficult to win a 1v1 fight against Banehollow.

Dragonus, the Skywrath Mage as roaming support

Skywrath Mage is a popular pick for roaming support. He can quickly get around the jungle and be ready to punish enemies who are outside their safe zones. His abilities are buffed to make them more powerful but what made him great is the Rod of Atos. Projectile speed buff was increased by an amazing 150 points so rush this item and become more aggressive. Just be careful not to over-extend because Dragonus has little means to escape. He is slow and has low defences, making him easy to eliminate.

Atropos, the Bane Elemental as hard support 

Hard supports are valued either for their participation in a team fight or their ability to secure a kill for their allies. Bane is the best of the latter in all of Dota 2 and this patch improved him with a buff to all of his skills, most notably the ability ‘Brain Sap’. As long as he’s not facing a hero that can summon units, your Dota 2 betting funds are safe if he is on the team. Just be wary if the opposing team has Beastmaster or Geomancer. Atropos has no means for crowd control except for Nightmare but everyone already knows how to avoid its effects. The other skills are for single-target only so always know who the highest-priority target is.