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I love Merry Gentry. This series is full of beautiful men and women that are scary as hell. They are the Sidhe (pronounced SHEE) and fae and they are getting their magick back. The magick is being passed through Merry, much to the disdain and horror of most of the Courts. Some have been wise to align with her, others have lost their heart to her, still, others have tried to bury her. Merry went from a Princess who had no hope to get to sit on the throne, and truly not wanting to by the time she fled, to turning down two of the three thrones she was offered.

If you want to know more about this series, check out this article. It tells you a little about Merry and her plight. It is very, ah spicy. With all the beautiful people, I would hope it is spicy. I love it. If you have read this series, let’s see if you know this stuff. If you are new to the series and don’t want it spoiled, turn back now. If you are new and don’t care, let’s go get those spoilers. Shall we?

When Merry fled the courts, she had no hand of power. Most Sidhe her age have at least one. Her hands of power showed up for her return to Court. Prince Essus and Merry both share the Hand Of Flesh. Merry defeated Nerys with her Hand of Flesh before executing Nerys with the Queen’s sword, Mortal Dread. Merry’s Hand of Blood showed up during the fight with the Nameless.

Merry beat her cousin Cel in getting pregnant. She became pregnant with triplets between eight fathers. Each of the children’s fathers:

Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine~ Sholto, Royal, Kitto

Alastair Essus Dolson Winter~ Doyle, Frost

Gwenwyfar Joy Tempest Garland~ Rhys, Galen, Mistral

Merry is also known as Besaba’s Bane in the Seelie Court. The reason is because of Merry’s birth. Besaba is Seelie Court. When she became pregnant with Prince Esuss’s child, she had to marry him and join the Unseelie Court. She left Esuss and Merry very shortly after giving birth to Merry.

Early on, Merry negotiates with King Kurag for the goblins to be her allies. She must share blood with him and take Kitto into her bed for six months. She is able to negotiate with King Kurag for an extra month for each half Sidhe goblin she brings into their powers.

Barry Jenkins is the name of the human reporter who snapped pictures of Merry crying over her father and splashes the images all over tabloids. He isn’t very smart because he splattered the tabloids with images of Merry being intimate with her ex-fiance Griffin.

Jeremy Grey is Merry’s drow boss back in Los Angeles. He owns Grey’s Detective Agency. They specialize in supernatural problems.

Queen Andias send her ring to Merry as a sign of her favor, to call Merry back to Court. Inside it is engraved “For if my love comes not to me, dark and dismal my life will be.” It is written in ancient Gaelic.

Queen Andias never gave Doyle a chance to be her consort because she felt he would be a true king and she didn’t want to share power. She also felt he might give her puppies instead of children.

Merry is not full Sidhe. Nor is she full Unseelie. Merry is ½ Unseelie Sidhe, ¼ Seelie Sidhe, 1/8 brownie, and 1/8 human.

So which ones of these did you know? Did I surprise you with any of them? Let me know in the comments below. It is confirmed, Laurell is working on the next Merry book! Laurell K. Hamilton can be found on Tik Tok. She talks about Merry and Anita there. Check it out! Until next week…