Netflix’s dystopian fantasy drama Sweet Tooth dropped its eight-episode first season earlier this year, and the show proved to be a sleeper hit. The series, produced by none other than Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr, follows protagonist Gus as he navigates a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by an incurable virus.

If this sounds a bit too close to home, then never fear. The similarities between our current situation and that of Gus’s world begin and end with a virus, as Gus himself is a human-animal hybrid child who was one of many born mysteriously after the disease struck. We are firmly in the realm of fantasy here. 

A quick glance at the promos may also fool the casual viewer into thinking that this is a family show. In fact, Sweet Tooth is a whole lot darker than its adorable hero suggests and is definitely unsuitable for younger viewers. If you have been on the fence about giving the show a try, here are four reasons why we think you need to watch it. 

Unique Premise

Gus, played with exuberant optimism and innocence by newcomer Christian Convery, is a young boy with the antlers and furry, twitchy ears of a deer. As one of the so-called hybrid children born to human parents at the same time as a deadly virus threatens to wipe out humanity, Gus and his brethren are mistrusted and blamed for the disaster. 

Other hybrid characters have fur or feathers, wings and beaks, snouts and tails and other animal characteristics. The show follows Gus and his companions as they try to survive in a hostile world. It’s a universe that we have never seen before, and it is great to see such an original theme. Can’t get enough of fantasy like this? Visit an online casino Canada real money site, like those found here, for games with fantastical themes.

Comic Book Origins

Comics and graphic novels continue to provide a rich source of material for our screens, with Sweet Tooth the latest in a number of high-profile, lushly produced titles. The Netflix show has brought Canadian creator Jeff Lemire’s hyper-dreamlike comic to life, and to gorgeous effect. 

Great Performances

The casting of Sweet Tooth is practically note-perfect, especially the naïve and almost unbearably cute performance by Convery as Gus. His reluctant human sidekick and protector, a gruff former football player turned bounty hunter known as Big Man, also shines in his role. Portrayed by British actor Nonso Anozie, the taciturn loner is the perfect foil for Gus’s sunny disposition. 

Other notable characters include Adeel Akhtar as an embattled doctor hiding a deadly secret, and Dania Ramirez as a woman trying to build a protective haven for the hybrids. The premise of the show could easily have made for slightly ridiculous viewing, but the excellent and nuanced performances from all of its main cast elevate the source material into something truly extraordinary.

Glowing Reviews

Critics and audiences alike fell in love with Sweet Tooth almost immediately, and the show became one of the most popular on Netflix’s 2021 schedule. As a result, the series has already been confirmed for a second run and will reportedly commence filming in January 2022. This is a big deciding factor for anyone who may still be undecided about watching – the season ends on some major cliff-hangers and revelations, and now we can be sure that these will be taken up in another eight hour-long episodes. 

New characters and cast members have already been announced, with all the major players set to return to take up the story. The coming episodes promise to delve deeper into the world of the hybrids and get to know more of them in detail. With so many potential storylines set up in the season 1 finale, the show looks set to become even more gripping as the story continues.