The gaming market is booming and how. People of all age groups love indulging in online gaming, and marketers of these games are enjoying this phase. However, for newbies, it is tough to know what this industry is all about. 

This is probably because the entire industry is too vast to fathom. Eventually, there are some aspects that started the gaming world, and the other parts got discovered later on. Whatever it is, the market is making vast amounts of money. 

Here we tell you all the items that fall under the gaming industry.

Types of online gaming

PC Gaming

PC gaming has shown a considerable rise in the last decade. So much so that there are computers with dedicated features to enhance the gaming experience. These PCs have dedicated RAM, GPUs, and cooling systems so that games are run efficiently. 

The bulked-up computers can handle any kind of games, however graphically demanding it may be. Online casino playing is on the rise, and some websites offer no deposit bonus codes in 2021 for NZ to incentivize players. 

Cloud gaming

This is the latest type of video gaming and is slowly making its presence felt. You can call it the Netflix of games, and rightly so. Scroll through a vast library of games, choose the one you want to play, and start. 

Nothing much to do on your part. Plus, you can play on mobile, tab, laptop, or any other cloud-based platform.

Nowadays, cloud gaming is becoming a threat to traditional gaming formats. Platforms like XBOX and PlayStation are now targeting their efforts to tackle competition from cloud gaming. 

Console gaming

Console gaming is another basic form of the gaming industry. It is also the foundation stone of the gaming sector. For a few years, Nintendo and Sego dominated this area like no other. 

They were followed by Xbox and PlayStation, which are among the top leaders. In fact, they offer millions to players to experience the games and provide their feedback. 

Initially, the consoles were simple joysticks. However, the new Xbox series has special microchips that process images as efficiently as possible. So much so that these games look astounding on your TV screens as well.

VR/AR gaming

This is another form of gaming that is slowly becoming entirely accepted. However, in the future, we should expect to see more of this format. VR drops the players inside the playing environment so they can experience it holistically. The gamers can enter the magical world and feel as if they are a part of it. 

On the other hand, AR or Augmented reality adds a digital influence to our daily life. Its best example is the game “Pokémon and Go,” where seekers of Pokémon can look for it in their daily lives. Whether you look at AR or VR, the truth is that the entire gaming experience is in for a total rehaul.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming comprises nearly 45% of the total gaming population of the world. We would like to wonder why Mobile gaming is so popular. First of all, it is highly accessible and has a variety of games to offer. 

You do not have to strap a headset or put a disc into a console. In fact, you can play the games from wherever you want to. Nowadays, it is replacing TV gaming as a popular form of leisure. 

People are spending more than 6.5 hours per week on mobile, and that is no less. With the considerable rise in investments in this segment, the mobile gaming industry is set to make significant strides. 

Popular gaming jobs 

Some job categories that are showing potential in the gaming industry are as follows.

  • Video game designer – Requires a Bachelors or Masters in 3 D animation or graphic designing. A designer with five years’ experience can earn around $90,000 per year.
  • Game programmer – They bring the designer’s dream to code. The person should have a Bachelor’s degree and knowledge of the C++ language. The median salary is enormous, around $103,000 per year.
  • Game animators – Should have a background in Multimedia and a degree in computer graphics or animation. Yearly salary ranges around $72,000.
  • Game testing/ Quality Testing – No exact educational credentials are needed, but you must have an eye for details and the ability to check repetitions. A lead tester can make around $55,000 annually.

Remember that for all these jobs you would need good internet at home, if you are willing to work at home.


The gaming industry is vast and has loads of innovations coming up. At this rate, it will be a strong contender and job provider in the coming years. Since players are always looking for more, the industry holds the key to unlimited fun and entertainment for them.