Do you remember when parents would frown upon their kids spending hours gaming? It turns out that this obsession could have paid off. Back then, video games were a pastime and still are. But today, they are more than a way to have some fun with friends on the weekend. They have grown to the point that allows gamers to launch professional gaming careers. People are making millions off their gaming skills. Onlookers are also minting money by placing wagers on their favorite players on esports betting websites. Regardless of how you look at it, the esports world has created a win-win situation for everyone- players, fans, and even betting websites. So, which games should you try, and what makes them so unique?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Are you looking for a game with a fantastic interface and sound design? Then CS: GO could be the game for you! Since its debut in 2012, this game has been the gift that keeps on giving. It first attracted players because of its competitive gameplay and the fact that it had no frills. It was an easy game that was great for beginners and experts alike. So, even with new titles coming into the market, CS: GO still boasts an active community. As a bettor, you want a game with a thriving community because this increases the number of wagers and sways the odds to give you higher profit margins.

What’s the fuss about in this game, though? Easy! It has several variations, but the one that seems to have taken hold is the bomb scenario. This standard setting requires the player to either defend or exploit a bomb site. While other versions are also quite interesting, people cannot seem to get enough of this. If you want to start betting on CS: GO, perhaps you should start with this basic gameplay.


Is combat interesting to you? Then DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2) might get your adrenaline pumping. It features a multiplayer battle arena, allowing players to select one of the 111 possible heroes. The player must then learn the hero’s abilities and figure out which ones can help them be victorious. Moreover, the player must be good at working in a team, as the game pits two teams against each other. Each unit has five people working on a 3D map with strongholds on either side. Players must move to destroy the towers protecting the opponents’ strongholds and Ancient. They must also safeguard their stronghold. With all this attacking and defending taking place, it’s not hard to see why this game would also be a favorite. Ensure you pick a team that’s full of team players to avoid losing your wager.


How do you feel about bright graphics? Whether you are playing a video game or watching it play out, you will enjoy the graphics in this game. They will have you hooked from the start, allowing you to immerse yourself even more into the gameplay. It has a lot in common with PUBG. The premise lies in being the last person or team standing. So, all your player needs to do is survive and subdue anyone that gets in the way of this. That means that players must either avoid detection in the field or come out and eliminate the other players. It comes with different modes, all of which add to its fascinating gameplay.

League of Legends

If you want a game with a thriving online community, this would be it. You can expect high-profit margins and competitive odds when betting on single games or tournaments. But before we get into the money, what’s so interesting about this game? It takes on role-playing gameplay where players must rely on strategies to win each match. No level is like the previous one, and players must continuously look for strategies suited for each phase to emerge victorious. With five players on each time with bases located on each side, anything can happen once the game starts. Choose your team wisely. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Anime fans would love the graphics in this game. Besides, the developer has gone out of their way to ensure that the themes are better than anime. So, what should you expect in this game? It’s all about players coming to blows with one another. Players get to choose their characters and can be anything from aliens to droids to humans. They must then form three-person squads. When players perform combos, they earn dragon balls, hence the name. When a player has garnered seven of these balls, they can summon a magic dragon to restore their health or revive a player. So, you can imagine just how interesting things get on the battlefield with all these exciting visuals playing out.

Before wagering on any of these games, research the players and teams and know which ones have better skillsets. After all, your money is on the line!