We last left June and Janine in a precarious situation. We don’t know if Janine is even alive. Chicago basically had an air raid. While June was looking for Janine, she hears her name being called by Moira. Moira works for a company in Canada that is trying to help people who are suffering in what was the United States. At first, you can tell that June is unsure that Moira is really there. Moira knows that this is her chance to get June to safety. Moira now has to convince June to leave Chicago and leave Hannah. Taking June back will be a little difficult and it may cost all of them some meaningful relationships. Moira has been feeling guilty for leaving June since season one, I believe. They have a heartfelt reunion but what will it cost them.

The crew that came from Canada is getting ready to leave and Moira will do anything to get June back home. She tells her girlfriend that she found June and she wants to bring her back but Oona says no because they have to follow the rules. Oona tells her that June is not more important than anyone else. So she decides to sneak her on the boat. It’s gotta be hard to want to help people and you can’t because of the bigger picture. Moira takes a risk and tells June to not make her leave without her again. June is all about Hannah and she doesn’t want to leave without her. Moira uses some tough love and convinces June to get on the boat. It must have broken her heart to leave her baby behind. Remember they have basically turned Hannah against her.

June is out of Chicago and Moira saved her life by stowing her away on their ship. But that is not the end of the fight. She now has to face Luke after being apart for seven years and without Hannah. Life cannot simply go back to normal, too much time has passed and June is in survival mode. Nothing will ever be the same again for June whether she is in Gilead or not.

We flashback to the past and take a little look at the dynamics of each of June’s relationships. Her relationship with Moira and with Luke. We learn a little more about what type of person Luke is and June’s fears in marrying a man who cheated on his wife. She is afraid that he will leave her just like he did his wife. Between the two of them, they work it out. And they reassure one another and solidify their relationship even further.

Moira’s good deed is about to be found out by everyone because they have to go through a port inspection. Basically like a roadblock but with boats. Now, Moira has to spill the beans. And Oona is not happy about it. Especially since June is a high-profile person. Moira takes full responsibility and they decided to smuggle her into Canada. They know what she faces if she is turned in to Gilead. The crew is not happy about it and June tells them to turn her in.

By the grace of the gods she is not found out and they make it safely through the inspections. But June is hell-bent on getting her daughter back because she is scared of facing Luke by herself. June wants to take a lifeboat back to Gilead to get Hannah. Since June won’t listen to reason, she decides to go with her. Saying that they will die together rather than be apart again. Then June tells Moira the real reason she wants to go back. And the crippling guilt and the feeling of loss and no control over losing her child and not having the ability to get her back. Moira tells her that everyone understands and that no one expects her to be a superhero.

Finally in Canada, June braces herself to meet Luke after seven long years and a baby later. They just stare at each other for a minute. June, with her heartbreaking, tells Luke she is sorry that she doesn’t have her. Her meaning is Hannah. She apologizes over and over but Luke just hugs her as she cries. He doesn’t blame her. We watch her takes her first steps to FREEDOM.