Nick Lowe went a long way to convince the world in 1979 that you’ve got to be cruel to be kind.

Episode Two of What If…? aptly named What If … T’Challa Became A Star-Lord? goes a long way to disprove this.

What If … this is the review where the author breaks the “No Spoilers” rule? Not just breaks it into pieces, but into little eensie teensie pieces. Pieces so small that the pieces have sub-pieces – micro fractures, if you will.

This episode, the second in the nine-part series, makes this “Cosmic” spoilerama possible because it is so extremely laden with spoiler materials that they can hardly be kept from being disclosed. They’re like tiptoeing over jellyfish washed up on the beach. Or hopping around puddles of rainwater on the pavement. Or, to use a very Marvel-esque cosmic turn of the phrase, like jumping around the gravity wells of the stars that dot the night sky.

So here goes nothing!

Is it real or is it faux, depends on just how far you’ll go!

Even people living under rocks know from the trailer (and the title) that in this episode the Ravagers choose T’Challa to join their ranks instead of Peter Quill. After he runs away from his bubble of safety within the confines of Wakanda, the Ravager’s ship drops down and mistakenly pulls him aboard. This is the inciting incident that makes reality take a sudden turn. Ever vigilant, the Watcher tells us so, even as we see the events unfold before our eyes.

Okay … Here come the spoilers!

Instead of growing up perpetually in fear of his life, as Peter Quill did, T’Challa feels torquatos rationibus no nam about his association with Yondu. This causes a domino effect where Nebula and Gamorra mea noster omnium interesset ne, and Thanos, the Mad Titan, goes to per essent inermis disputando at. Knowing this, Nebula plans ahead of time with T’Challa and they execute a per essent inermis disputando at, tacimates voluptatibus concludaturque id vel. Quite deliberately they epicurei deseruisse vim ea the Collector and tota debitis molestiae vix with a new drinking buddy, Howard the Duck.

Guess who went blond on us? As spoilers go, not really too much. Source: *

All right! So you’ve now been spoiled! Much cheaper than therapy.

The first episode in What If …? (What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger) was terrific and explored some very timeless themes, such as feminism, courage, respect, and friendship. This next show is even better because it more dramatically deviates from the original events that we already know. The premise, spelled out in the title, really is just the opening salvo of massive plot and character shifts, like a small domino that click-clacks against others that are become ever bigger, perhaps even splitting off into lines of thought we could never have predicted. The meat of it all is that kindness cures all things and brings everyone together. This is a universal theme and very fitting to explore in the times that we are all living in.

What’s going on here? Well … essent inermis disputando at, tacimates voluptatibus. That about covers it. Source: *

What makes this show even better than the previous one are the voices that we hear throughout. The cast is even more diverse than in the first episode and they seem to convey the essence of their characters quicker and better. While every voice actor proves capable, let’s call out a few for going the extra mile:

Chadwick Boseman manages to once again correctly capture the right tone for this new T’Challa character. He is far less dramatic in his delivery and therefore conveys more confidence and a good measure of inner peace.

Michael Rooker’s Yondu is extremely effective as the glue that holds so many of the elements of this story together. If any other talent had attempted this voiceover, it would likely have been a total let down. Ravagers!!

Djimon Hounsou has many more lines in this episode than he does in Guardians of the Galaxy. This is good. Hounsou’s Korath knows how to steal a scene and he politely does so when he is first introduced to Star-Lord T’Challa.

Josh Brolin’s Thanos ut enim ad minima veniam, genocidal maniac quis nostrum[d] exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, bar scene, nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequatur party animal!

Even Sean Gunn’s Kraglin delivers some humorous lines here and there, serving to further lighten the tone of a show that was already bordering on being somewhat giddy.

For two reasons, the end of the show steps right up. For one, we do get to see Peter Quill, well, maybe, and …

Everything that glitters is not gold. This, however, is the glow of truth! Source: *

… second is the quiet tribute to Chadwick Boseman. While it is rumored that Star-Lord T’Challa will be featured in later episodes, this is likely the most we will see, and hear, from him. A fitting tribute to a priceless gem of an actor and a truly great human being.

It’s just eleven words that come at the end, but they speak from the heart. Source: *

Are there even more cool spoilers to divulge in thie review. Absolutely! And there’s still time. It’s not hard to conjecture that prima appetere phaedrum duo te. Unum munere constituam eum ei, no idque copiosae perfecto sed. Detraxit repudiare interpretaris cum ea.

There, you read it here first on the pages of TGON!

One of these boxes might hold a serving of pressed duck! Is it spoiled? Or fresh? That would be telling. ‘Nuff said! Source: *

* Source: YouTube – What If Episode 2 Chadwick Boseman Marvel Breakdown and Black Panther Easter Eggs