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As we saw last week in the Road Trip episode of The Mindy Project, Danny has some issues to be resolved with his father in California, and so, he was absent this week, while Mindy tried her hand at single motherhood. But, even the best single mothers need a little help. And that’s where Annette Castellano comes in, as Danny’s Ma steps in to fill her son’s void and assist Mindy with baby Leo while Mindy returns to work.

Mindy and Annette are one of my favorite combos on The Mindy Project. While there is definately love and respect there (more on that later) the comedic implications of two strong women who love the same weird Italian man, and butt heads as a result, are irresistible. When Mindy and Annette get together, it’s explosive. Here, Annette is intrusive: she wakes Mindy up at the crack of dawn, she has taken over laundry duties, shrinking Mindy’s clothes in the process, she walks in on Mindy in the shower and dresses Leo in gold chains, yet, she offers Mindy very real assistance, cooking, cleaning and caring for Leo with all the love in the world. Mindy tries to get Annette out of her hair by replacing Annette with a younger, hipper version, but that plan backfires after the nanny makes Leo the poster-child for the anti-vaccination movement. In the end, Mindy must confess that she loves and needs Annette, while at the same time bullying that same confession out of her future mother-in-law. And so, Annette will continue to care for Leo while we wait for Danny’s eventual return (soon please!)

Elsewhere, Jeremy’s girlfriend, Whitney, persuades him to leave his big gauze meeting for lunch, causing his co-workers to express concern. When Tamra tells Jody that she walked in on Whitney doing cocaine several weeks ago, Jody confronts Whitney, and tells her to leave Jeremy alone. The fight that ensues turns passionate, in more ways than one, and Jody sleeps with Whitney. When he later confesses to Jeremy, Jeremy is incensed at the betrayal, but quickly comes around to Jody’s side – Whitney was not deserving of him, and he will allow Jody to help him find someone who is.

Favorite one-liners:

Don’t bruise the prosciute! – Annette

She threw out a teddy bear because she thought it was her rival. – Morgan

Don’t mind me, whistle, whistle, whistle – Tamra

Good luck with your transition. – Clara the Nanny

I definitely did not live up to my ‘Mother of the Year’ beer coozie today. – Mindy

She does not love you! This is assault! – Dot


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