Some of my earliest memories involve watching cartoons at my Memom’s house on her bed while she tended to adult matters. I would eat my crust-less peanut butter sandwiches and binge-watch Bear and the Big Blue House, Out of the Box, and tons of late 90’s classics. One cartoon that I remember she would even sit and watch was Animaniacs.

Source: Warner Bros & Hulu

A Bit of History

Animaniacs was an animated variety show that began in 1993 but joined the Warner Bros family in 1995. It followed the zany lives of the Warner brothers Yakko and Wakko along with the Warner sister Dot. They lived in the Warner Bros tower and often escaped to interact with other characters such as the security guard Ralph, Pinky, Brain, and Hello Nurse. Animaniacs was reminiscent of old Loony Tunes, which not only pleased me but my grandma as well. Animaniacs was full of loveable characters and social commentary, sexual innuendos, and pop culture references. It was truly made for everyone, and when it came to an end in 1998, I am sure many were saddened.

Current State

Recently, I was looking through the animated section of Hulu when I came across Animaniacs. Thinking it was the original series, I put it on fully expecting a blast from the past. That is until I saw the Jurassic Park parody. I immediately grabbed my husband, a few bowls of cereal, and we began watching. As we would come to find out, Hulu, Spielberg, and the crew revived the show in November 2020. Luckily, the intro song caught us up, showcasing the new changes, and sharing the length of the Warner siblings’ contracts.


The Warner siblings have always been painfully self-aware, risqué, and full of visual humor. Even with a 20-year hiatus, I am completely in love. Dot has gone from merely being the cute sister to being witty and self-assured, while the political commentary hits in the best ways possible. The song “Reboot it” had me in stitches, again due to how self-aware Animaniacs truly is, even after all these years. Overall, it takes quite a bit of self-control not to binge the entire series and savor every moment.