Catch up on last week’s Lucifer here. This episode is definitely a must watch in my opinion. Spoilers, duh.

Off the Record opens with a man named Mr. Reese Getty waking up in a hospital bed. He had a brush with death and sees his recovery as a 2nd chance especially with his wife. Guess his wife didn’t see it that way since she’s shagging Lucifer.

Mr. Getty follows him to Lux where Lucy confronts him. Lucifer believes he is following him because he is sexual interested. Getty tells Lucifer he is after the man who is sleeping with his wife. Lucifer is too ignorant to realizes that’s him and gives Getty ideas on how to get back at him and ruin his life. This whole situation is taking place 3 weeks after Lucifer started consulting for the police.

Getty is a reporter at the Telegraph, bringing Lucifer down is going to be his next big story. Reese Getty gets the okay from his editor and heads down to the police station to find Lucy. Lucifer is rather excited when Reese tells him he’ll be writing a piece on him, unbeknownst to Lucifer Reese has ulterior motives.

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Reese interviews a bunch of people at the station. Unfortunately for Reese everyone seems to like Lucifer, until he finds Dan. Somebody has been stealing Dan’s pudding and it all started when Lucifer showed up. Oh yeah and Dan doesn’t like Lucifer and Chloe being together all the time.

Getty shadows Decker and Lucifer to a crime scene. The victim is a local celebrity for all natural skin care. She was found dead with syringes in her neck surrounded by implants, like calf and breast implants. Decker’s seen similar cases like this before, someone is calling out liars. A serial killer.

Getty watches Lucifer exchange money with an officer for a duffle bag. He follows Lucifer were he swaps the bag out for another duffle bag that looks the same with some guy. Maze finds him there and threatens him to stay away from Lucifer.

Oh snap! Linda is Reese’s wife. Linda was waiting in Getty’s office for him. Apparently they’ve been separated for 2 years, so Lucifer should be in the clear here. Linda wants Reese to finally sign their divorce papers. Reese is kinda wack, it’s very clear their relationship is over but he just ain’t getting it. He convinces her to give him 24 more hours before he signs. In Reese’s eyes outing Lucifer will win his wife back.

Reese breaks in to Lucy’s penthouse to find what’s in the bag. There he finds a woman tied up in bed. Reese tries to save the woman but she’s kind of into it. Lucifer arrives in time and finally asks Reese what he is really writing about. Reese is going to prove he is up to no good. He asks about the duffle, Lucifer just liked the guys bag so he bought it. Reese searches the bag and it’s revealed the trade at the warehouse was for edible sex toys.

It seems to me that Lucifer feels a little bad that Reese was so wrong and invites him on another ride with Decker. On this ride along Reese looks quite unstable. Lucifer and company are just about to solve the case. Reese is about to drop the case realizing that Lucifer is just an annoyingly charming guy. Until Decker tells him the case isn’t closed yet. The guy they nabbed was selling expired implants and Botox but not killing people. The suspect won’t give anyone up. While interrogating the suspect when Lucifer thinks no one is watching he uses his devil face and powers. Reese sees the whole thing and understandable freaks out.

Reese immediately heads to Linda’s to tell her she needs to stay away from Lucifer he is the actual devil. As we all remember at this point in the show she isn’t buying that. Sleeping with Lucifer has been liberating for her. Nothing he says will change her mind. Reese gives in and signs the papers.

In his office Reese uses a stereotypical whiteboard for ideas and evidence of Lucifer’s true identity as the devil. Ella and Charlotte pop up on the board during a montage, some time has clearly elapsed. Candy pops up. It’s now a year later which is present day, maybe and he’s upgraded to three whiteboards. He still has ? under proof.

Now one year later Decker and Lucifer go to Reese’s office for help regarding the serial killer case from last year. The serial killer went dormant but there is evidence that he found all his victims in the style section of the Telegraph. Lucifer realizes something is still up with Reese and asks if he destroyed the guy his wife was cheating on with him. Of course he responds no. Lucifer then excuses himself for a therapy appointment. That of course throws more fuel on Reese’s fire.

During therapy Reese barges in and tries to shoot Lucifer. The bullet does nothing and Reese finally has his evidence. Linda doesn’t care though she already knew. Lucifer still doesn’t know he is the guy sleeping with his wife. Reese leaves even more unstable than before. On top of all the disappoint his editor tells him he needs to stop wasting time on the Lucifer case. Reese trashes his office in anger. Through an interesting string of events he comes to the conclusion that Decker makes Lucifer vulnerable.

Reese finds himself the serial killer from some comments on the Telegraph. The killer and Reese both do the same thing, expose people for who they really are. Reese clearly notices the guy is deranged and tries to make Lucifer his next victim.

At Lux, Reese meets with Decker. Also there is the killer. While distracting Decker the killer slips something in Lucy’s drink. Lucifer introduces the killer to a bunch of ladies and he takes the drink back before Lucifer drinks it. One of the random girls takes the drink instead and dies. Reese watches in despair realizing it’s his fault. Decker thinks the killer is after Reese.

Reese unhinged grabs a knife from the bar and heads up to the penthouse to get his revenge on Lucifer. Reese wants to hold Lucifer accountable. Lucifer finally finds out he is the guy that slept with his wife. Lucifer reveals the truth about hell and that he isn’t even responsible for people’s hell they do it to themselves from guilt.

Reese learns from his mistakes and apologizes to Linda. Reese thought since she forgave the devil she’d forgive him. During this he also comes clean about the girl’s death he caused and he gets a little too physical with Linda after see threatens to call the cops.

Reese wants to turn himself in but not before the serial killer poisons him in his office. Reese is the real fraud. Decker and Lucifer arrive in time to catch the killer. Lucifer talks and comforts Reese as he drifts off to death.

Now we’re right back where the episode started with Reese in the hospital but like it’s exactly the same as the beginning. Uh oh this isn’t the beginning it’s Reese’s own personal hell.

My thoughts:

  • I liked this episode the best out all the filler ones.
  • Had a lot of fun with this one.
  • It was cool mostly following Reese instead of Lucifer.
  • I definitely feel bad or Reese.
  • Lucifer is the devil but he’s not a bad guy at all.
  • Overall solid episode but I’m ready for the main story to come back.

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