Today is an exciting day for me, because today I’m off to see my best mate for the first time since February 2020 (she also watches Neighbours, so you know she’s a legend)! I know nobody’s interested in that apart from us, but it’s a pretty good excuse for writing this having only seen up to Thursday’s episode yet again. So, apologies for it being a quick one this week!

Levi Has Caused a Big Mess and Yashvi is Determined to Make it Worse

Levi just loves to revisit his past trauma in the least helpful and most problematic way possible, so he’s been digging into the lives of the men who beat him up when he was a kid. They haven’t taken too kindly to the attention and so have been sneaking around at the Canning house to mess with Levi and his family, doing such diabolical things as moving a box of eggs from the counter while Sheila wasn’t looking. Levi asks Yashvi to look into it for him as well and, because Yashvi has never met a mess that she didn’t want to immediately make worse, she stakes out their warehouse in her marked police car, which is quite possibly the dumbest thing she could have done in an investigation that is supposed to be under the radar. All she succeeds in doing is leading the men back to her house, so now the Rebecchi household is in peril as well. As if all this wasn’t bad enough, obviously Sheila decides she might try to inflame the situation further by giving them a Cranky Granny dressing down in the Lassiters complex. Honestly, it’s like they’re all having a competition to see who can exacerbate things the most. 

I’m sure two criminals will react well to a public dressing down. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Ned Nips to Work

Since Amy kissed Ned, things have been a bit weird between them. Things get weirder this week when Roxy, who let’s not forget is Ned’s cousin, makes him strip off to film some sort of soft porn film as a pitch to host a film festival at Lassiter’s. Obviously, Amy finds the sight of Ned’s nips incredibly distracting and is literally unable to concentrate on anything other than staring at his bare chest. Ned is enjoying making her squirm and so finishes the rest of his shift with his knockers out, which I’m pretty sure constitutes sexual harassment, but OK. Between barbecue fires, stage collapses, and soft porn film shoots, the Flamingo Bar is really an odd place to work. 

Harlow and Jesse Are Fake Dating

Paul’s interest in Harlow’s love life is frankly kind of gross, and I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so. Harlow is sick of him banging on about Brent and meddling in her love life, so when he attempts to set her up with Jesse she decides to play along, pretending that she’s broken up with Brent to see Jesse instead. Their fake dating is obviously going to get found out though because Jesse is gay and has been real-dating Curtis. Paul really needs to get a hobby because his fixation with his granddaughter’s love life is decidedly weird. 

Enjoy your fake date! Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Nicolette is Being Clingy

A few weeks ago I thought I was warming to Nicolette but I’m now fully back in the ‘no thank you’ camp when it comes to her. She is being so desperately clingy with Chloe because of coming close to losing her when she was behaving so erratically when Pierce was back in town. I’ll tell you a really great way to lose a partner, Nicolette, and that’s smothering them by texting every five minutes when they’re trying to work. Surely with the impending birth of her baby, she’s got better things to worry about?

Leo is Being Weird 

Leo is helping Paul and Pierce in their plot to get Chloe away from Nicolette, but at the moment all he’s doing is being really really creepy and weird. He’s asking loads of questions about Chloe’s love life, and criticizing the woman who has been diagnosed with Huntington’s, lost her mum, and got divorced since she last saw him for not being fun anymore. Gee? Leo? Does any of that sound fun to you? He’s generally well-behaved, but a bit of a weirdo and giving me some seriously creepy vibes. Turn it in, Leo. 

Leo is back! And he’s being weird. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Two Excellent Comedy Moments 

There were two things that properly made me laugh out loud this week. The first one was when Hendrix screeched, “Not the face!” as Yashvi brandished a frying pan at him. Hendrix should have more comedy moments because he’s really funny. The second laugh-out-loud moment was when Paul was buzzing around Leo with business plans like an annoying corporate fly and Leo told him to butt out. Paul wondered aloud what had got him so worked up and Aaron quipped, “Would you like a mirror?” I’m always going to be a big fan of a zinger that makes Paul feel like a tool. Nice work, Aaron.