Bom chicka wow wowww.

Woo yeah. Jane and Michael took a little trip to pound town last week on Jane The Virgin (Oh sorry was that crass?) and MAN OH MAN was it a long time coming…25 years to be exact.

The only problem was that Jane did not really have the time of her life she was hoping for. And she accidentally sent it to Professor Donaldson. You know, as normal millennials do with their web cameras. But that didn’t turn out to be as big a deal as we thought it would.

Moving on, Jane was having a hard time…feeling herself (idk if I’m using that correctly) in the bedroom, and was really stressing out about it. She talked to Lina and finally even came clean to Michael. This of course really stressed him out and no matter what he tried, he couldn’t satisfy her.

Jane didn’t really stop to think that she’s lost a part of her identity now. Her “flower” has been a defining aspect of her for so long that she subconsciously felt like she lost something. It wasn’t until she finally spoke to her mother about it that she realized her feelings were valid, but she should be happy about what she has now gained. (I will never get over how open these two are with each other). Once Jane let go of her anxieties, she was finally able to get her butterfly smashed (*other cw show reference we’ll be best friends forever if you know what it is!*). Good for her.

All I’m saying is…Rafael coulda done it the first time.

In B-Plot land, Xiomara was sick of being an unsuccessful singer, so she decided to explore other career options. Rogelio and Jane were NOT happy about that, so Ro called in a 20-years-in-the-making favor from Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Somehow, getting them to come watch her sing at The Marbella was supposed to encourage her?? But it didn’t. So, we’ll see what happens with Xo, but it’s possible she may become a Real Estate Agent.

Finally, we caught up with Luisa and Rose in their submarine. Luisa is scared of Rose (understandably so) and doesn’t want to commit to her, so Rose makes some accommodations to put her mind at ease, including seeing her list of people she’s murdered and letting her check her email (she got a birthday message from Rafael). We flash forward a bit (I’m assuming) to see Luisa having a meeting at the Marbella with Rafael and Michael. She told them about Rose and mentioned something about Mutter being dead. Then Raf goes, “wait she’s not dead…” then BAM! we cut to Mutter being offed in her prison cell.

Oh man. The plot thickens.