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The Last Man on Earth 4×17: “Barbara Ann” Review

Tandy and Mike leave in search of the heat blob.

At the end of the previous episode, Todd broke a hole in the wall, exposing a corpse. Erica walks in and asks Todd about the smell. He covers the hole in the wall and says that he’s just farting and that’s what she’s smelling. Once Erica leaves Todd blasts heavy metal and take a sledgehammer to the wall.

todd farting sign.png
Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

Tandy and Mike drive past a bunch of avocados and orange trees. Tandy wants to stop, but Mike says to keep going. A little further, they run into a flock of goats. Tandy is beyond excited, and thinks that these goats were what his monitor was showing. Mike says they’re still five minutes away from the heat signature, and wants to keep going. Tandy worries that the goats will be gone by the time they return. Mike compromises with Tandy and suggests that they take one boy goat and one girl goat as a ‘goat starter kit.’

Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

Behind the wall, there’s a huge open pathway. Todd finally decides that he has to show the others what he found. He tells them that he found murdered corpses in the walls. To make them less scary, he dressed them up as alive humans.

Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

Todd takes the group into the area, and we see millions of dollars, a stash of guns, and packs of cocaine. Erica spots a bunch of grenades, which Todd observes that they look like the fake grenade paperweight in the lounge.

hidden things
Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

Mike uses a walky talky to give Tandy directions to the heat blob. Once they arrive, we see… nothing. Mike is obviously disappointed and seems to be slipping into a depression. He asks his brother for a minute to process it.

nothing there
Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

Melissa throws what they previously thought was a fake grenade over the balcony and it explodes, proving to be a very real grenade. They are worried about their safety in the house, but Melissa assures them that they should be fine as long as they don’t pull the pins out. They decide to do a sweep of the rest of the house for hazards.

Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

They find:

  • 75 bags of cocaine
  • 23 sticks of dynamite
  • 16 grenades
  • 82 normal guns
  • 36 scary guns
  • 5 severed heads

Thinking they’ve found everything, Carol starts playing piano. It sounds weird, and Gail checks inside of the piano. When she does, she finds more dynamite. They use Tandy’s creepy fake dog, Clancy, to press the piano keys. The piano explodes on the high C.

clancy checks
Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

Tandy tells his brother that he understands what he’s going through, and the hopelessness he felt. He was literally about to kill himself when he found Carol. To make his brother laugh, Tandy tells Mike that he could date one of the goats if he doesn’t find a human. He knows Mike will care about singing chemistry, so Tandy picks a song to test that out. The song selection is “Barbara Ann.”

barbara ann
Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

Tandy and Mike finish their road trip and approach the mansion. Everyone is outside with their things, and Carol tells her husband that they are moving.

we're moving
Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

Where the heat signature came from, a hatch lifts from the ground, and dozens of people emerge wearing gas masks.

Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

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