For those of you that aren’t familiar with Crunchyroll, it is an anime streaming service. There is also an ad version if you don’t want to pay the $7.99/month fee. Let me just say from personal experience, if you can pay the fee it is worth it. Crunchyroll doesn’t just have anime, you can read manga, order merchandise, games, and even awards shows. I have had Crunchyroll for about 5 years now. I do not regret it.

Back to the panel hosted by our favorite host Tim Lyu. To begin he gives us a little background information on Crunchyroll and how much it has grown since it began. With over 1,000+ titles and 30,000+ episodes. The first anime we learn about is Tokyo Revengers. It’s about a kid name Takamichi, who gets mysteriously sent back in time. Since things weren’t going so well in his present life, he decided to take this opportunity to correct some traumatic experiences.

Next up is an anime called To Your Eternity. It is about a mysterious orb is cast on earth that can change into the thing that stimulates it or come back to life. The orb is able to grow and learn. Soon it transforms into a rock, a wolf, and then into a boy. He is like a newborn baby soaking up and learning everything. Then the boy becomes Fushi and grows as a person. Of course, there is an antagonist who is hindering that growth and creating obstacles.

Tim goes on to spotlight the Crunchyroll store and the merch that is available. There is everything from clothing to figures of your favorite anime characters. Crunchyroll is also featured on YouTube. The channel has a variety of behind-the-scenes looks at shows and reviews of animes by celebs. This can be found on Our host has a podcast, Crunchycast, that will be airing on the site coming soon as well. Princess Connect Re: Dive and Mitra Sphere are games that have been developed by Crunchyroll and are a smash hit in Asia. It’s free to download on IOS and Android. They are JRPG (Japanese role-playing games) that you can play with friends. He also gives a little information on Crunchyroll’s Expo that runs from Aug 5th-7th and additional information can be found on the website.

Fena Pirate Princess is another highlighted anime. Yup, you heard it, pirates. Ninja pirates and a little girl who is trying to find out about her past and her dead father. She was saved by a boy, Yukimuru, from a sinking ship when she was a little girl and that is her only memory. Fena is an orphan until two men show up to change her fate. On this island of ninja pirates, she eventually learns that her father was searching for a mysterious crystal and that could explain his disappearance. This crystal can now only be found with the help of Fena. It is not without some trouble. Trouble comes in the form of an all-female pirate ship and crew. She then has to step up to the plate to become captain of the ninja pirate ship.

Now, my family has been telling me to watch this anime for a while now. I hear that it is really good. So let’s check out season 2 of That Time I Got Reincarnated As Slime. Humans and monsters are living together in harmony. Or so they hope. Remu is the human who is now slime and he has to make a choice on how to live his life. And fight the next evil person Clayman who is a demon lord. Who wants destruction and death of course.

This next anime I have never heard of is called I’m Standing On A Million Lives. I must say the title looks a bit sinister. Anyway, it’s about a boy who Yusuke is transported to a unique game-like alternate world where he runs into a couple of old friends. These friends were transported to the same world. Now they must to try and survive this world of monsters, enemies, and imminent danger. Will Yusuke, who is a bit aloof, sacrifice anything to survive, including his friends?

We can’t have a panel without talking about One Piece, Luffy is in a precarious situation. He made it to his destination, but where are all his peeps? That is about all the information that they give on One Piece. If you’re an anime fan, then you know that this show has well over 1000 episodes and counting. You can hop on over to Crunchyroll and binge it to your heart’s content. Yes, every single episode. It’s a daunting task to whoever decides to take it on. Not me though.

My Hero Academia is an anime that is close to my heart with characters like Deku, All Might, and even Bakugo. No seriously, I don’t get his deal. His hatred of Deku is unnecessary, but I digress. That is not what we’re here for. Season 5 has been underway for a few weeks now. It is the last season of the anime. Our class is still learning, growing stronger, and overcoming enormous obstacles. All Might can no longer fight and they know they will have to take up the mantle soon. It is imperative to learn and become strong. Deku still has a few surprises up his sleeve.

There is some brand new anime coming to Crunchyroll and here is the list:

Sakugan: It is about a cramped colony separated by bedrock in the distant future. The Labyrinth is an unknown land. Markers explore and map the Labyrinth’s dangers and you can be killed there if you’re not careful. Our main character, Memempou wants to be a marker despite the dangers. She will do it with the help of her ex-marker father. It is coming in October 2021

Orient: Masahi, 15, lives in the Sengoku period that is ruled by demons. Long story short, he’s a demon slayer with a special power. More to come!

Peachboy Riverside: An elderly couple finds a peach with a boy inside. His name is Momotaro and he fights ogres. But Momotaro meets a Princess who dreams of traveling the world and together they take on monsters and any other enemies. Coming July

Girlfriend, Girlfriend: Nioha asks out his longtime crush and she says yes. The next day another girl confesses to him. Now, Nioha has some choices to make and he decides to date both of the girls instead of rejecting the second girl. This one is coming in July 2021.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy: Makoto, was suddenly summoned to another world where he was a hero. However. the Goddess has other plans and sent him to the ends of the world, or wasteland, and takes his hero status. There in the wastelands, he learns how to survive. He learns how to fight and use magic to try and undo his curse. Choosing to decide his own fate. This one is coming sometime in 2021.

Spirit Chronicles: Is about a boy Rio, who can remember both his past life and present life. He lost his mom early in life he fought to survive. He reincarnates in a strange world and finds himself amongst the nobles in a strange school and having to fight for respect in this new world. Coming soon.

The Worlds Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated In a World As An Aristocrat: Long title, I know. Even though he’s an assassin, his aristocratic family are also assassins. With this knowledge, he is destined to become the best assassin in the world. It is coming out in October 2021.

In The Land Of Leadale: Kana had a tragic accident and is on life support. Her only escape is through a game called In the Land of Leadale. Her life support system gets cut off and she passes away. She wakes up in Leadale, 200 years later as a high elf with high stats. She has to navigate this game and build relationships with the characters that she created. It is due to come sometime in 2022.

Restaurant To Another World 2: This has new characters and new stories about this quirky corner restaurant and its unique Saturday diners. It comes out sometime in October of 2021. It will be featured at their virtual expo.

The Night Beyond The Tri-Colored Window: This is about a bookstore employee Mikado. He can see strange things although he tries to deny it. Soon he meets an exorcist named Hiakawa who ropes him into helping him. To Mikado’s surprise and embarrassment, he finds satisfaction in it and likes it. They run into a cold-blooded murder case and things may never be the same again. This is due out in October 2021.

Platinum End: Kakehashi lost his parents in an accident. He finds nothing but misery in the relatives who took him in. He decides to end his life by leaping off a building on the day of his middle school graduation. Kakeheshi meets an angel who tells him they will give him the hope to live. It is coming out in October of 2021.

So many great new titles coming to Crunchyroll this fall. Lots of new shows and some returning ones. Plus many other great things on the site and app. I can say that I will be tuning in for some of these myself. I was surprised that Tim didn’t divulge any information on titles like Boruto, Attack on Titan, Dr. Stone, and Dragon Ball Super, but maybe that will be saved for their upcoming expo. So, if you’re interested in any of these titles or want to try a different platform, you can log in and watch previews of the listed shows and many more at!