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In lieu of a live blog, I’ve decided to do a normal recap…just in order to better sort of my confusion after Chapter 5 of Stranger Things.

The episode began where Chapter 4 left off, with Hopper breaking into government facility, where he knocks down a few and happens upon the tear in reality or portal to another dimension or whatever you want to call it. Before he gets a chance to do to much investigating though, he’s caught and drugged by some guys in hazmat suits. He wakes up in back in his house, genuinely and rightfully spooked and suspicious. He tears his house apart for looking bugs and finds one. He’s now certain of the Mirkwood conspiracy and ends the episode at Joyce’s house to let her know that she was right about Will’s body…it was a fake. Love connection in the future for these two? Ugh Alex, why must you bring everything back to love?! They’re both so fragile!

Speaking of love connections, things aren’t looking so good for Mike and Eleven. The boys figure out, with some help from Eleven and their teacher Mr. Clarke, that Will must be trapped in some sort of upside down world or The Vale of Shadows, as Dustin likes to call it. They figure out that it’s entrance has enough magnetic power to rip a whole in the universe and to pull all compasses in it’s direction. They decide to follow the compasses to the entrance of the Vale, but Eleven is freaking out, understandably, because she knows what sorts of bad things happen where they’re going. Instead of just telling them the truth, she messes with their compasses and makes Lucas mad. He and Mike get into a fight and she forces Lucas away into some sort of metal siding. The boys freak out on her and Eleven and Lucas both disappear. During this scene we see a flashback where Eleven has been sent back to listen to a Russian man–it’s probably some sort of Cold War thing–and then we hear the monster snarl. It’s safe to guess that this tricky experiment with Eleven is what caused the tear in the fabric of the universe…which has caused a bit of a ricochet with more tears appearing throughout town.

Speaking of more tears, Jonathan and Nancy got brave and decided to go looking for this monster to kill it. Too bad they’re just kids and have NO idea what they’re dealing with. While out in the woods, Nancy happens upon one of these tears, and instead of waiting for Jonathan or running away, she just casually crawls into it. And now she’s stuck. And that’s how the episode ended. !!!!!


PS: Lonnie was also around but Joyce kicked him out again because he’s a piece of sh*t.


Source: Netflix