This Bridgerton Episode Recap contains SPOILERS! Proceed with caution. Don’t forget to read my recaps for Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3.

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This episode opens with Daphne visiting Prince Friedrich and the Queen. She has then been gifted a necklace to wear, cementing their courtship. Daphne, however, pictures Simon as the one who is putting it on her neck, not the Prince. She also seems like she isn’t really into the idea of marrying him. In fact, she seems very overwhelmed and still thinking of Simon. 

Simon’s friend, Will competes in a boxing competition, bringing Daphne and the Prince to the event. Simon is also there, he and  Daphne later exchange looks at this event, finding it hard to not acknowledge one another.  Oh man, I just wish these two would stop being so stubborn, well at least Simon. If only he would just snap out of it!

Meanwhile, Marina is forced to meet a desperate suitor by Lady Featherington. Later on, Colin Bridgerton saves her from his company, sparking the start of courtship. This event will set into motion events in which Penelope’s relationships with Marina and Eloise begin to break. 

Daphne and her mother discuss her and Simon’s relationship and of course, it denied. After Lady Bridgeton pushes again, Daphne breaks and tells her it was all a sham, though she is not very convincing when she says that it wasn’t real. At the same time, Lady Danbury tries to talk sense into Simon again about his and Daphne’s connection. He of course shrugs it off again, denying there was nothing and that he will still be leaving that evening. 

Eloise spends this episode determined to find out the identity of Lady Whistledown. I do not blame her here, and I am very curious about who this woman is. I have a feeling that we will meet her soon and that her reveal will cause quite the stir. 

After Lord Featherington scares off a suitor for Philipa, Lady Featherington gets angered and searches for an answer as to why and later discovers that her husband, Lord Featherington has gambled away their money and is in debt far worse than she imagined. 

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Benedict Bridgerton shows up to a private art studio, after being invited by Sir Henry Granville. He then spends time there practicing his craft and socializing with other artists. Am I reading too much into this situation? Are there gay vibes happening? Am I too much of a shipper here? Maybe I am too much of a romantic and I want everyone to be in love and happy. 

The evening’s party is the scene of quite a scandalous moment and will set into motion some things that cannot be undone. After Simon encounters the painting in which he and Daphne discussed at a previous get-together, Simon decides to stay and he heads to the party. He runs into Daphne, who has run off outside to escape the prince and his impending proposal. Simon wanted to say goodbye to Daphne, upsetting her as she and Simon are not even friends. They end up sharing a passionate kiss after she runs off into the garden and Simon chases after her. They are caught by Anthony and demands that Simon marry Daphne to protect her honor. Simon refuses and he challenges him to duel at dawn. 

Marina tells  Penelope about Colin and how she is hoping he will propose soon. Penelope is crushed because she really likes Colin. Eloise shows up to tell her what she found out about Lady Whistledown. Penelope takes her feelings out on her and yells at Eloise. Man, I really really loved their friendship. I did not want them to have a falling out, though I felt it coming, cause it was obvious that Penelope likes Colin. 

Anthony makes arrangements for after the duel and whatever way it ends. However the duel never happens because Daphne realizes that Lady Cowper witnessed what happened n the garden and she goes to warn the others and demand of Simon that they marry. 

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That is how the episode ends. This is not how i wanted Simon and Daphne to get “engaged.” I was hoping Simon would come to his senses. I suppose, though, this way keeps to his character more truthfully. I just hope that going forward Simon will allow himself to feel love.