It’s no secret that there is a lot of competition in the video game industry. With so many online games to choose from, it can be difficult for players to find what they want and get hooked on one particular game. 

This article will discuss ways to collect feedback on your website and increase player engagement with your site!

Set up an Address

You can set up a virtual or physical address to receive business emails. A virtual address will allow sending emails from your business’s domain name, which will route through the email provider’s servers. This creates an impression that messages originate from within your company or organization and prevents any spam complaints about emails coming from outside of your network. ​

The benefits of using a Virtual Address include having unlimited outgoing mailboxes, control over who receives incoming mail, and the ability to create subdomains for different departments. 

This makes it more recognizable where people can go with their inquiries. However, one disadvantage might be needing additional time on technical support if issues arise because this isn’t something you can troubleshoot independently.

Pop-up Customer Survey

You can use a pop-up survey for quick feedback on your site. This type of survey will only affect visitors when navigating through your website, and it is easy to get feedback from them without any further commitment or obligation. 

You could ask many different types of questions with this technique: do they like your blog post, would they recommend a product or service to someone else, or are there any changes you could make that might improve their experience?

Provide an Incentive

People are more likely to leave feedback (positive or negative) if they think it will impact their experience and future browsing. So, offer some incentive for people who provide feedback, whether a cash prize or just free tickets, into your sweepstakes – the goal is to get as many participants as possible so that you can collect all opinions and focus on the ones that matter.

Use Market Analytics Tools

Use marketing analytics tools to see how people are using your site, what they’re looking at and clicking on. This will help you understand why some content isn’t performing so that you can address it! For example, maybe a top-performing post is one where someone shares their personal story with the reader along with tips for how to get through tough times.

Tools like Google Analytics and Crazy Egg can provide you with insights into how people interact with your site, which will help guide the content you post on it. For example, someone may see a high spike in traffic when they post an article about overcoming difficulties. 

Posting this often could lead to a higher return rate and increase the number of clicks in other posts where they share tips for doing just that.

It is important to always collect feedback on your site. You never know what features you can improve or move forward with until you get direct input from those using it most. You should collect feedback by creating a simple form asking for the user’s name, email address, and comments about the website. If possible, offer a reward for those who provide feedback.