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Susan Rodriguez was a paranormal reporter and love interest for Harry. She also gave birth to his daughter, Margaret Angelica Dresden. Susan and Harry met while she was a reporter for The Midwestern Arcane. Harry, being a real-life wizard, was a potential fountain of stories. Since Harry was attracted to her, he didn’t mind her pumping him for stories, and Susan being attracted to Harry didn’t mind him stumbling through flirting with her. Susan was very beautiful. She has dark hair and dark eyes. She knew how to use her sex appeal and did so frequently. She was more than a pretty face. She was smart, witty, and though she fainted after soul gazing with Harry, she still came back for more.

They largely ignored the strength of their feelings for each other even though they didn’t fight the biology. Unfortunately, neither Susan nor Harry divulge their exact feelings until it’s too late. When she is bitten in Grave Peril, Harry tells Susan “I love you” and it snaps her out of her blood lust before she can bite and kill or infect Harry and Justine. She spends time away from him to keep him safe from her new blood lust even though he proposed marriage to her. He would be too easy of a target. As long as she doesn’t drink and kill a human, she won’t fully turn.

During Susan’s time away from Harry, she becomes involved with a group, the Fellowship of Saint Giles. They are a group that is trying to stop the Red Court Vampires (more about them here.). They helped her gain control of her new reality as a Red Court infected. She had super strength, healing, and speed. Susan also inherited the Kiss of the Red Court, though it isn’t as strong as a fully turned Red Court Vampire. They even gave her magickal bindings set in her skin that give her advance warning when her curse of hunger is getting unmanageable. She meets Martin here who becomes her work partner of sorts.

She becomes pregnant from their last time together in Death Masks. Later, in Changes, Susan reveals to Harry they have a daughter named Maggie. She needs his help to rescue their daughter from Arianna Ortega, who has kidnapped Maggie. To save her daughter and through her daughter, the world from the Red Court, she helped trigger the bloodline curse by being the youngest vampire of that curse to be killed. She bit and killed Martin to become a fully turned Red Court vampire. Martin was cool with this. It was his plan all along. It was a good plan as far as plans go. It killed all the Red Court Vampires. Too bad Susan had to die.

What did you think of Susan? She didn’t make it to the TV show. Maybe she would have if the show had progressed longer. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next week…