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I hope you are enjoying getting to know the cast of the Dresden Files. I certainly have enjoyed bringing them to you. Up today is Mr. Waldo Butter, a medical examiner and a Knight of the Cross. When we first met Butters, he was an awkward, geeky polka enthusiast. Murphy sometimes calls him Eyes and Molly has taken to Boz or Bosely. He is also now Bob’s keeper.

Butters may seem timid but he has the soul of a warrior and a compassionate heart. My favorite scene that I have read in the Dresden Files includes Butter. In fact, he was an integral part. He had to keep the beat for Sue the T Rex. For most of the books, Butters doesn’t have girlfriends or love interests. However, he and Andi from the Alphas get together. They don’t always sleep alone. That surprised the hell out of Harry.

Butters does well with the supernatural. He has learned about many things that go bump in the night and have still stayed sane. Butters still doesn’t give himself enough credit. He has faced everything with courage and perseverance even when frightened. He’s smart too. He has helped Harry see more clearly and it has certainly kept him alive. Now if he can just stay out of his own head when wielding Fidelacchius.

When meeting Butters earlier in the series, no one would have thought he would become a Knight of the Cross like Michael. Michael is what I picture a knight looking like. Then you meet Shiro Yoshimo and Sanya and they look different than what I picture but they embody what I feel the spirit of a knight should be. By the time Butters takes up the mantle, the contrast isn’t a thing anymore. He just needs to breathe.

If you’re new to the series, just wait and see. He develops into someone awesome. If you already read What do you think of Butters? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…