Last week’s Lego Masters challenge was all about explosions and looking fabulous. It was also the season’s first elimination round. This challenge had the builds shaking, rattling, and rolling! Will the teams have what it takes to take on the Brickter Scale? Let’s find out!

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

As Will began explaining the challenge, an earthquake hit the set! Armed with his LEGO cell phone, he dialed the only person that could save the day, Jennifer Love Hewitt. With the Lego Masters and 9-1-1 crossover out of the way, the challenge was explained. Each duo was tasked with creating a four-foot structure that could withstand an earthquake, measured by the Brickter Scale. Out of a possible eleven, those with the highest score were up for the win. Those with lower scores could be eliminated. They had eight hours to make something tremor-proof as well as aesthetically pleasing. According to the judges, that means they would have to lay 500 bricks an hour!

The Builds

ParticipantsTechnique Highest Brickter Scale Level
Zack and WayneButterfly Bracket10
Mark and StevenBottom To Top Structure8
Caleb and JacobFlexible Base8
Bryan and LaurenBirthday Cake10
Zach and TimInterlocking T-structure8
Maria and PhilipBall Joint Tower10
Dave and RichardTube-Beam Skeleton11
Paras and MotoPillar Structure11
Syreeta and RandalBrick and Technic10
Natalie and MichelleStacking Brick9
Susan and JenBrick and Technic11
The participants, their technique, and the level of the Brickter Scale that made their build collapse.

The Favorites and Least Favorites

This week had a top and bottom three based on the Brickter Scale results. First, Dave and Richard created a colorful tower displaying the Fibonacci sequence. Second, Paras and Moto’s structure was made to have the outer layers fall off rather than the bones of the build. Finally, Susan and Jen used a mix of brick and technic to keep their build strong. In the end, it came down to aesthetics, and the winners of the week were Dave and Richard.

The bottom three all reached the eighth level on the Brickter Scale, causing a tie for the last place. First, Mark and Steven made a lighthouse, thinking the heavy base would keep it secure. Second, Caleb and Jacob made a more flexible base and filled it up with tires to absorb some of the impacts. Finally, Zach and Tim created an interlocking T-structure decorated with cats. Unfortunately, Zach and Tim’s build was a little too bland for the judges, and they were sent home.

Odds and Ends

As a fan of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Ghost Whisperer, I was delighted to see Jennifer Love Hewitt cameo in this episode. I have to admit, I thought all of the builds were strong tremor-wise; I know anything I built would not make it to level eight! If you want to get your brick on, be sure to watch this episode and more on Hulu.